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Rayuan Lina Joy ditolak

Alhamdulillah. Impak jikalau keputusan sebaliknya amatlah besar. Persoalan selanjutnya, redhakan kita dan kerajaan yang berkuasa dengan kemurtadan beliau (dan yang lain-lain)? Bilakah kita mahu berhukum dengan hukum Allah?

Lina Joy loses appeal

PUTRAJAYA, May 30 - Lina Joy lost her final round of appeal when the Federal Court dismissed on Wednesday her appeal against a ruling that the National Registration Department was right not to allow her to remove the word "Islam" from her identity card.

Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim and Federal Court judge Justice Alauddin Mohd Sheriff delivered the majority decision dismissing her appeal.

Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Justice Richard Malanjum dissented.

On Sept 19, 2005, the Court of Appeal decided that the NRD director-general was right in refusing her application to drop her religious status from her IC on the grounds that the Syariah Court and other Islamic religious authorities did not confirm Linas renunciation of Islam. theStarOnline

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Islamophobia di Switzerland

Swiss move to ban minarets
By Imogen Foulkes, BBC News

Berne, Switzerland - Members of the right-wing Swiss People's Party, currently the largest party in the Swiss parliament, have launched a campaign to have the building of minarets banned.

They claim the minaret is not necessary for worship, but is rather a symbol of Islamic law, and as such incompatible with Switzerland's legal system.

Signatures are now being collected to force a nationwide referendum on the issue which, under Switzerland's system of direct democracy, would be binding.

Picture - Swiss Muslims pray in disused factories and warehouses

The move has shocked Switzerland's 350,000 Muslims, many of whom have been campaigning for decades for more recognition for their faith.

In theory Switzerland is a secular state, whose constitution guarantees freedom of religious expression to all. In practice however mosques in Switzerland tend to be confined to disused warehouses and factories.

Across the country, there are only two small minarets, one in Zurich and one in Geneva, neither of which are permitted to make the call to prayer. In Switzerland's capital Berne, the largest mosque is in a former underground car park.

Plans rejected

In the small town of Langenthal, just outside Berne, plans to build a very modest minaret have been put on ice following thousands of objections.

Langenthal's mosque is housed in a former paint factory on the outskirts of town.

Mutalip Karaademi, an ethnic Albanian who has lived in Switzerland for 26 years, was at first pleased when his proposal for a 5m-high (16.5ft) minaret was approved by the local authority.

But following a vociferous campaign against the plans, including a petition with thousands of signatures, the cantonal government in Berne delayed the project indefinitely.

"We are very disappointed," said Mr Karaademi. "We just wanted to do our mosque up a bit, with this small minaret and a tea room. We actually thought it might promote dialogue."

Mr Karaademi is also bitter at what he sees as unfair discrimination against his faith. "I even gave them a written undertaking that we would never make the call to prayer," he said. "They seem to think we are all criminals or terrorists - that's like saying all Italians are in the mafia."

Islamic law

But supporters of a ban on minarets say they have no intention of preventing anyone from practising their faith.

"We don't have anything against Muslims," said Oskar Freysinger, member of parliament for the Swiss People's Party.

"But we don't want minarets. The minaret is a symbol of a political and aggressive Islam, it's a symbol of Islamic law. The minute you have minarets in Europe it means Islam will have taken over."

Mr Freysinger's words may sound extreme, even paranoid, but this is a general election year in Switzerland, and the campaign against minarets is playing well with voters.

A recent opinion poll for one Swiss newspaper found that 43% of those surveyed were in favour of a ban on minarets.

"We have our civil laws here," insisted Mr Freysinger. "Banning minarets would send a clear signal that our European laws, our Swiss laws, have to be accepted. And if you want to live here, you must accept them. If you don't, then go back."

Growing resentment

It's a harsh message for Swiss Muslims, many of whom were born in Switzerland. There are fears that the campaign against minarets will provoke growing resentment against Swiss society.

"I think Swiss Muslims will be angry and bitter over this," said Reinhard Schulze, professor of Islamic Studies at Berne University. "And we know that anger and bitterness among a community can lead to radicalisation, even to militancy."

The Swiss government is extremely nervous about the prospect of militancy among Swiss Muslims; three cabinet ministers have already spoken out against the campaign to ban minarets.

There is also a growing fear that the debate will damage Switzerland's traditionally good relations with the Arab world.

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Menteri Jepun bunuh diri

Andaikata fenomena ini berlaku di negara kita, cukupkah jari anda membilangnya? (p/s - bunuh diri bukan jalan penyelesaian)

Japan minister commits suicide

May 28 - A Japanese government minister has died, after hanging himself in his apartment in central Tokyo, police say.

Toshikatsu Matsuoka, the Japanese farming minister was found unconscious in his home and taken to hospital, where he later died.

His death came just hours before he was due to be questioned over a scandal involving misuse of political funds.

File photo - Japanese Agriculture Minister Toshikatsu Matsuoka, left, listens to U.S. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns during their news conference at the Agriculture Department in Washington in this Jan. 11, 2007

His suicide is the latest blow to Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, whose approval ratings have plummeted since he took office last year.

The death comes less than months before an election for parliament's upper house, a key test for Abe's leadership.

Matsuoka, 62, was found unconscious in his room at a residential complex for legislators near parliament in the centre of the Japanese capital.

He was then taken to hospital where he was confirmed dead, Japan's chief cabinet secretary told reporters.


Media reports have linked Matsuoka to a number of political fund scandals, including a case in which he had declared substantial office expenditures when his office was in fact rent-free.

Last week, media said the minister had received political donations from businessmen involved in a bid-rigging scandal.

Matsuoka has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

Support for Abe's cabinet has plunged to 32 per cent, down 11 percentage points from a similar poll in April, according to a weekend survey by the national Mainichi Shimbun newspaper.

A separate poll by the Nikkei business daily showed Abe's popularity falling to 41 per cent, down 12 percentage points from the previous month.

Both polls cited dissatisfaction with the government's apparent loss of pension payment records for millions of people. Agencies

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Hamas selar negara Arab yang terus membisu terhadap jenayah Israel

Hamas Flays Arab Silence Over Israel’s Crimes

Kudus Yolu, May 27 - The Hamas’ prominent political leader Dr. Nezar Rayyan, for his part, deprecated the “unexplainable” Arab passiveness towards the ongoing Israeli massacres against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

He also questioned the advantage of the Arab military arsenal if it will remain stocked in military storehouses and not use in defending Palestine and the Arab and Muslim Ummah.

In this regard, Rayyan asserted that the locally-made Palestinian rockets proved to be more advantageous and more effective than the Arab military arsenal, asserting, “Our locally-made rockets is a strong weapon in our hands that despite their limited range proved to be stronger than the rusting Arab arms”.

“It seems that Arab weapons were only destined to be used against fellow Arabs and not against enemies of the Arab and Muslim Ummah”, Rayyan charged.

He also lashed at security apparatuses in a number of Arab countries for chasing and arresting those raising funds in favor of the Palestinian people and to support the legitimate Palestinian resistance.

Finally, Rayyan affirmed that the road to liberation was clear before Hamas, and thus, Hamas, he added, will pursue its national venture regardless of the price it might pay for it.

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Ummu Hadhari 2

Beberapa Peringatan Mengenai Hadis Dhoif (III)

Pembahagian Hadis Dhoif

Setelah kita mengetahui bahawa martabat hadis dhaif adalah berbeza dan bukannya satu martabat, maka mudahlah untuk kita memahami tentang pembahagian hadis dhoif. Secara mudahnya kita boleh katakan bahawa hadis dhoif terbahagi kepada dua, iaitu:

  1. Sangat dhoif ( kekal dhoif & tidak diamalkan sekalipun untuk fadhail amalan)
  2. Dhoif (diamalkan untuk fadhail dan mungkin jadi “hasan lighoirih”)

Sebab-sebab Yang Menyebabkan Hadis Menjadi Sangat Dhoif

Dan antara sebab yang menyebabkan hadis itu sangat dhoif ialah:-

  1. Salah seorang perawinya adaalah pendusta atau pereka hadis.
  2. Salah seorang perawinya dituduh sebagai pendusta atau pereka hadis.
  3. Salah seorang perawinya seorang yang fasiq.
  4. Hadis itu syaz atau berlawanan.
  5. Hadis itu “ma’lul (mempunyai “illah”).

Hadis-hadis Yang Kekal Dengan Kedhoifannya

Kerana sebab-sebab tadi, hadis-hadis berikut adalah hadis dhoif yang kekal dengan djhoifnya (ditolak dan tidak diterima) dan tidak sekali-kali akan naik kepada martabat “hasan lighoirih” [1]:

  1. Hadis Maudhuk
  2. Hadis Matruk
  3. Hadis Munkar
  4. Semua jenis hadis Syaz (sebagaimana hadis-hadis di bawah)
  5. Hadis Mudraj
  6. Hadis Maqlub
  7. Hadis Mudhtharib
  8. Hadis Musohhaf
  9. Hadis Muharraf
  10. Hadis Ma’lul.

Berdasarkan semua ini kita bolehlah membuat satu kesimpulan bahawa bukan semua hadis dhoif itu boleh diamalkan dalam fadhail, apatah lagi jika ia berlawanan dengan hadis-hadis yang lebih sohih. Juga boleh dibuat kesimpulan bahawa bukan semua hadis dhoif akan naik kepada martabat “hasan lighoirih”.

Adakah Semua Hadis Dhoif Akan Naik Kepada Martabat “Hasan Lighoirih” Dengan Sebab Banyak Thoriq (Sanad Atau Riwayat)?

Ramai di kalangan kita yang menganggap bahawa hadis dhoif akan berubah taraf dan naik kepada martabat “hasan lighoirih” kerana thoriq yang berbilang dan banyak. Tetapi adakah anggapan ini benar?

Sebenarnya bukan semua hadis yang berbilang thoriqnya itu akan naik kepada martabat “hasan lighoirih”. Ini kerana memang sebahagian daripada hadis dhoif itu akan kekal dengan dhoifnya. Tetapi memang sepakat para muhaddisin menganggap bahawa berbilang thoriq itu satu perkara yang boleh menguatkan hadis dhoif dan menjadikannya hadis “hasan lighoirih” (tetapi ini bukan pada semua hadis dhoif). Hanya al-Hafiz Ibn Hazm yang syaz (pelik) dengan berpendapat bahawa hadis dhoif tidak akan menjadi kuat dengan sebab thoriq yang banyak. Ini kerana beliau menganggap bahawa tidaklah menambahkan riwayat yang dhoif itu melainkan kedhoifan [2].

Berkata al-Hafiz Ibnu Hajar (dalam menyatakan bahawa hadis dhoif akan berubah menjadi kuat): “Sesungguhnya thoriq yang banyak itu dan daripada sumber (perawi asal) yang berlainan, menambahkan kekuatan pada matan”.

Dan mengenai bahawa bukan semua hadis yang dhoif itu boleh menjadi “hasan lighoirih”, al-Hafiz Ibnus Solah ada berkata: “Bukanlah semua hadis yang dhoif itu akan hilang dhoifnya dengan adanya “wajah” (riwayat) yang lain, bahkan ini tidak sama antara hadis-hadis yang dhoif. Ada di antaranya yang boleh hilang dhoifnya dengan sebab demikian…dan ada juga hadis dhoif yang tidak hilang dhoifnya dengan demikian, kerana kuatnya kedhoifan itu, dan riwayat yang lain tidak mampu menguatkannya. Dan antara contohnya ialah hadis yang dhoif kerana perawi yang dituduh dengan berdusta ataupun hadis yang syaz [3].

Berkata Imam Nawawi pula: “Adapun hadis yang dhoif kerana perawi yang dituduh berdusta, atau perawi yang fasiq, maka ia tidak akan menjadi kuat sekalipun datangnya riwayat yang lain”. Berkata Imam Ibnu Kathir (dalam menerangkan perkataan Imam Nawawi tadi): “Ini kerana hadis yang dhoif itu tidak sama martabatnya. Dan sebahagiannya tidak akan hilang dhoifnya sekalipun dengan mutabaat”.

Dan antara contoh hadis dhoif yang banyak thoriqnya (sanadnya), tetapi tetap dihukumkan dengan dhoif oleh para muhaddisin ialah hadis “Sesiapa yang menjaga umatku dengan empat puluh hadis, maka Allah akan bangkitkannya di hari kiamat sebagai seorang alim yang faqih”. Imam Nawawi meriwayatkan hadis ini dalam muqaddimah kitabnya “Matan al-Arbain”, dan beliau menyebut: “Dan telah sepakat para muhaddisin bahawa ia adalah hadis yang dhoif, sekalipun banyak thoriqnya”. Berkata al-Hafiz Ibn Asakir mengenai hadis ini: “Semua sanadnya mempunyai kecacatan dan tidak ada ruang untuk menganggapnya sohih” [4]. Dr al-Murtadha al-Zain Ahmad yang menulis buku “Metodologi Muhaddisin Dalam Menguatkan Hadis-Hadis Yang Dhoif Dan Hasan” memberikan komentar mengenai hadis ini dengan katanya bahawa bilangan keseluruhan sanad hadis ini adalah sebanyak dua puluh lima thoriq (daripada beberapa orang sahabat). Dan beliau akhirnya menyatakan bahawa hadis ini tetap dhoif dan thoriqnya yang begitu banyak itu tidaklah menguatkannya, kerana ia terlalu dhoif [5]. Dan Allah SWT sahaja Yang Maha Mengetahui.


[1] Lihat Úáæã ÇáÍÏíË ÃÕíáåÇ æãÚÇÕÑåÇ , karangan Dr Muhammad Abul Laith al-Khairul Abadi, m/s 290.

[2] Lihat: ãäÇåÌ ÇáãÍÏËíä Ýí ÊÞæíÉ ÇáÃÍÇÏíË ÇáÍÓäÉ æÇáÖÚíÝÉ , karangan Dr al-Murtadha al-Zain Ahmad, m/s 77,

[3] Lihat: Úáæã ÇáÍÏíË ÃÕíáåÇ æãÚÇÕÑåÇ , karangan Dr Muhammad Abul Laith al-Khairul Abadi, m/s 289.

[4] Lihat: : ãäÇåÌ ÇáãÍÏËíä Ýí ÊÞæíÉ ÇáÃÍÇÏíË ÇáÍÓäÉ æÇáÖÚíÝÉ , karangan Dr al-Murtadha al-Zain Ahmad, m/s 94.

[5] Ibid, m/s 109.

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Setelah agama dijual, Melayu digadai

'Tiada parti pejuang Islam dan Melayu selain Umno'

JELI, 26 Mei - Anggota parti pembangkang terutama Pas dan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) disaran menyertai Umno yang benar-benar berjuang menegakkan syiar Islam di negara ini berbanding parti yang mereka sertai itu.

Anggota Majlis Tertinggi Umno, Datuk Mustapa Mohamed berkata Umno adalah satusatunya parti terbaik yang memperjuangkan nasib umat Islam dan bangsa Melayu di negara ini berbanding Pas atau PKR.

"Semua orang Melayu dan Islam sepatutnya berjuang di bawah Umno kerana matlamat perjuangannya jelas demi agama dan bangsa," katanya kepada pemberita di rumahnya di Darul Falah di sini, hari ini.

Mustapa berkata adalah jelas Pas atau PKR gagal membela nasib bangsa dan agama kerana apa yang berlaku parti itu hanya memecahbelahkan bangsa dan masyarakat.

"Bagi saya sesiapa yang nak berjuang untuk Islam dan Melayu di Malaysia tak ada parti lain kecuali Umno," tegas Mustapa.

Beliau berkata memang menjadi matlamat perjuangan Umno sejak dahulu malah banyak perkara telahpun dilaksanakan dalam memajukan Islam dan bangsa Melayu. Bernama via mStarOnline

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Amerika terus bekalkan senjata untuk askar Lebanon

More arms reach Lebanon

Nahr Al-Bared, Lebanon, May 27 - The United States sent more ammunition on Saturday to Lebanon, whose army is struggling to defeat a group of heavily armed Islamist militants holed up inside a Palestinian refugee camp.

Three US Air Force cargo planes landed at Beirut's airport and unloaded ammunition and other equipment for the army, airport sources said. Six planes carrying similar military aid from the US and Arab allies arrived on Friday.

The shipments, promised months ago but rushed after fighting erupted between the army and Fatah Al Islam on May 20, arrived as Lebanese soldiers beefed up their positions around Nahr Al Bared camp, the militants' main base.

Fatah Al Islam has claimed to have over 500 fighters with automatic weapons, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades, inside the camp.

US arms are a sensitive issue in a nation deeply divided between supporters of Prime Minister Fuad Siniora's government and an opposition backed by America's Mideast foes, Iran and Syria. The Shiite Hezbollah-led opposition accuses Siniora of having too close ties to Washington.

Prime Minister Siniora rejected opposition criticism over US military aid.

The militant Fatah Al Islam group, which has vowed to fight to the death, said in a statement the US military supplies included nerve gas and cluster bombs.

"If they use unconventional weapons against us, we will respond with unconventional attacks everywhere," said the statement, read by the group's spokesman Abu Salim Taha.

A Lebanese military spokesman said he had no reaction to "these false allegations which are not worth commenting on".

Later, a purported leader of Fatah Al Islam issued a new threat in videotaped message carried on Al Jazeera television.

The group would fight "the Jews, the Americans and their loyalists", Shaker Al Abssi said, referring to Lebanese leaders. Agencies via Gulfnews

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Israel akan beli gas dari Palestinian Authority?

Israel could buy Palestinian gas

UK energy firm BG Group has confirmed it is in talks to agree a contract to supply Palestinian gas to Israel.

BG discovered the Gaza Marine field, which is controlled by the Palestinian Authority, off the coast of the Gaza Strip in 2000.

Any deal would represent a landmark in Middle Eastern relations, but BG said it would first require agreement between both governments.

Israel has previously vowed never to buy gas from its neighbour.

Lengthy negotiations

"We have been in negotiation with Israel for many, many months," said a BG spokeswoman.

Gaza Strip : The gas field is located off the coast of the Gaza Strip

"Most importantly, we need a bilateral agreement between both governments to get the go-ahead on this. We are working on that."

BG, previously part of British Gas, is seeking a 15-year contract.

According to press reports, BG is hoping to sign a $4bn (£2bn) deal that would see the Palestinian Authority receive $1bn in royalties.

Under the proposals, BG would transport gas from the Gaza Marine field through an undersea pipeline to the Israeli port of Ashkelon.

The field contains one trillion cubic feet of gas, and could reportedly supply 10% of Israel's annual needs.

If the project gets the go-ahead it would be a major boost to the economies in the Palestinian controlled territories.

Ongoing violence, especially in the Gaza Strip, has seen much economic activity grind to a halt, leaving the territories heavily reliant upon financial aid from overseas. Published by BBC on May 23, 2007.

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Ketegangan berterusan di Nahr al-Bared

Standoff continues in Lebanon

May 26 - A tense standoff between the Lebanese military and Fatah al-Islam at a Palestinian refugee camp has continued into its fourth day, as the US flew further aid to the Lebanese army.

Civilians continued fleeing from the Nahr al- Bared camp on Saturday as the army's siege of the area continued amid sporadic exchanges of gunfire.

The UN has called for the protection of thousands of civilians trapped by the Lebanese army's siege of the camp.

The aid arrived on Saturday, airport officials said, a day after Hezbollah's leader warned the country risked fighting a war "on behalf of the Americans".

In a televised speech on Friday, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Shia opposition group Hezbollah, criticised US military involvement, saying that Lebanon risked getting dragged into America's war against al-Qaeda.

"The problem in the north can be solved politically and through the judiciary," he said.

The Lebanese army has besieged Fatah al-Islam, an al-Qaeda linked group made up of fighters from across the region, since Saturday.

Nasrallah said the situation could still be solved "in a way that protects the Lebanese army, our Palestinian brothers, the state and peace and stability without transforming Lebanon into a battleground".

He said accepting US help would draw more fighters into the country and potentially destabilise it.

"Political negotiations"

The US-supplied aid is a sensitive issue in Lebanon, where opposition leaders accuses the government of working to Washington's agenda.

Palestinian factions have been seeking a negotiated solution to end the siege and avert a battle between the Lebanese army and Fatah al-Islam as thousands of civilians who remain in the Nahr al-Bared camp will be in the line of fire.

Osama Hamdan, Hamas' representative in Lebanon, said that "as long as we agree on the necessity of a solution and we speak with a language of solution then there is optimism".

Elias Murr, the Lebanese defence minister, said on Friday he was "leaving room for political negotiations", which he said must lead to the surrender of the fighters from Fatah al-Islam.

"If the political negotiations fail, I leave it to the military command to do what is necessary," he told reporters.

Civilians flee camp

On Saturday, more civilians, mostly women and children, were reported to have fled from the refugee camp as the army's siege of the area continued amid sporadic exchanges of gunfire.

Meanwhile, the UN has called for the protection of thousands of civilians trapped by the Lebanese army's siege of the camp.

"An estimated 10,000 civilians remain in the embattled camp with only sporadic humanitarian support during very brief ceasefire periods," the Unicef, UN children's agency, said.

"Children living in Nahr al-Bared have been through unspeakable trauma," it added.

"Already living in a refugee situation, they have witnessed their homes being destroyed, loved ones being killed or injured, and were trapped in their homes hearing the terrifying sounds of gunfire around them."

Fighting between the Lebanese military and Fatah al-Islam has left scores dead, destroyed houses and triggered a flood of refugees from the camp, which had a population before the fighting of more than 31,000, according to UN figures.

About half of Nahr el-Bared's population of 31,000 fled the camp during the truce, flooding into the nearby Beddawi camp.

At least 20 civilians and 30 soldiers were killed in the fighting earlier this week.

The Lebanese military says 60 Fatah al-Islam fighters were killed, though the group put the toll at 10. Agencies

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Nasrallah, Fatah al-Islam dan Lebanon

Nasrallah warns against camp clash

May 25 - Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah's leader, has cautioned the Lebanese government against storming the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon where fighters are holding out against Lebanese troops.

In a televised speech on Friday, he also criticised US weapons aid to the Lebanese army, saying that Lebanon risked getting dragged into America's war against al-Qaeda.

Nasrallah said: "The problem in the north can be solved politically and through the judiciary in a way that protects the Lebanese army, our Palestinian brothers, the state and peace and stability without transforming Lebanon into a battleground in which we fight al-Qaeda on behalf of the Americans."

He said accepting US help would draw more fighters into the country and potentially destabilise it.

First comment

It was the first comment by the powerful anti-government leader on the military's standoff with the Fatah al-Islam group.

As a Shia group, Hezbollah views Sunni fighters like Fatah al-Islam as enemies.

Nasrallah said the Fatah Islam fighters who attacked the military should be brought to justice.

But he said Hezbollah opposed any military incursion into the camp to crush the fighters.

He said: "The Nahr el-Bared camp and Palestinian civilians are a red line. We will not accept or provide cover or be partners in this."

'Dangerous thing'

Hezbollah and its supporters accuse Fouad Siniora, the Lebanese prime minister, of being a puppet of the US and are pushing for his removal.

Nasrallah called a large airlifting of US military supplies to the Lebanese military to help in the Nahr el-Bared fight "a dangerous thing".

He said: "Does it concern us that we start a conflict with al-Qaeda in Lebanon and consequently attract members and fighters of al-Qaeda from all over the world to Lebanon to conduct their battle with the Lebanese army and the rest of the Lebanese?" Agencies

Baca di sini untuk liputan yang lebih menyeluruh.

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Amerika bantu Lebanon memerangi Fatah al-Islam

Lebanon gets US aid for camp battle

May 25 - US air force airplanes have delivered military equipment to the Lebanese army, a Western diplomat and security officials have said.

The Lebanese government had requested more military aid from Washington after the eruption of fighting between the army and the Fatah al-Islam group in a Palestinian refugee camp in the north of the country.

Three military supply airplanes arrived at Beirut airport overnight, witnesses said.

"This shipment has previously been ordered by the Lebanese army, but it has now been accelerated because of the current urgent needs of the troops," a diplomat said.

"The fact the US is sending military aid will probably not go well with the oposition," Zeina Khodr, Al Jazeera's Lebanon correspondent, said.

She said the oposition accuses the Lebanese government of "working for the interests of the US and implementing a US-plan for what they are calling a 'new Middle East'".

Sporadic gunfire

The diplomat said the US would send eight airplanes carrying military equipment in total.

The Lebanese army has been fighting the Fatah al-Islam movement in the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared in north Lebanon.

"All the political parties [in Lebanon] are supporting the army," Elias Hanna, a retired Lebanese general, told Al Jazeera.

"The Palestinian Authority and the PLO are also denying Fatah al-Islam is [speaking for the] Palestinian [people] because it is a terrorist organistaion."

Sporadic gunfire exchanges punctured the lull in the fighting on Friday as the Lebanese army continued to build up around Nahr el-Bared, near the port city of Tripoli.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, a spokesman for the Fatah al-Islam group, said the group's fighters were committed to a truce with the Lebanese army.

The AFP news agency reported that death toll in the fighting had risen to 78.

Thousands of Palestinian refugees remain trapped inside.

US aid

On Thursday, Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, gave her full backing to the Lebanese government.

"I certainly hope that the Lebanese government will be able to deal with these extremists," Rice said.

"It's just another example of extremists in the Middle East who are trying to destabilize democratic governments."

The Lebanese An Nahar newspaper said that a first US airplane had arrived late on Thursday from Kuwait, with two from Egypt on Friday.

Late on Thursday, a United Arab Emirates air force airplane also arrived with supplies.

The Lebanese military did not comment on the airlift, a sensitive issue in the country.

The remainder will be coming from other Arab states where the US maintains weapons depots, it said.

The United States provided $40m in military aid to Lebanon last year and already this year has supplied hardware worth $5m. alJazeera & Agencies

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Sukhoi pesawat 'canggih'

Sukhoi Fighter Aircraft A Tactical And Strategic Asset

IRKUTSK, Russia, May 24 (Bernama) - Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Chief Jen Datuk Seri Azizan Ariffin said the Sukhoi Su-30MKM multi-role fighter jet is a tactical and strategic asset to RMAF as its ability to cover long distances puts it on par with the air forces of neighbouring states.

"The Su-30MKM will act as a deterrent to parties that try to threaten the sovereignty of Malaysia," said Azizan when signing an early acceptance certificate for the delivery of two Su-30MKMs (M52-01 and M52-02) from representatives of Russian state corporation Rosoboronexport and the Irkut Aircraft Corporation here today.

The RMAF Chief arrived in this eastern Siberian city yesterday piloting a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

"Today is a historical day for the RMAF as the Su-30MKMs delivered are the most sophisticated multi-role aircraft in Southeast Asia," he told reporters at the Irkut Aircraft Corporation's runway with temperatures dipping to -10 degrees Celcius.

The two Su-30MKM jets are the first of 18 ordered by RMAF in May 2003 at a cost of RM3.42 billion (USD900 million).

The Malaysian delegation comprising senior RMAF officers and the media were treated to a 10-minute aerobatics show by a squadron of Su-30MKM jets.

Azizan said the two Sukhoi planes would be delivered in June using the Antonov AN-124 transport aircraft to the RMAF base in Gong Kedak, Kelantan.

The sixteen others will be delivered in stages between the end of the year and mid-2008.

Azizan said the fighters will be equipped with sophisticated air-to-air RVV-AE missiles.

RVV-AE is the Russian acronym for Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile or AMRAAMski in defence circles and is said to be as good if not better than the United States-made AMRAAMs.

Other than Malaysia, Singapore is believed to have equipped its F-16C Fighting Falcon aircraft with AMRAAMs.

The Su-30MKMs can fly for 4.5 hours with a range of 3,000km on a normal fuel tank, but with inflight refuelling, the time and distance can be extended to 10 hours and 8,000 km.

They are also equipped with high-powered radars to detect targets from afar enabling them to double up as early warning aircraft.

Meanwhile, the deputy general director of Rosoboronexport, Victor Komardin, said the RMAF's Su-30MKMs were the most versatile and modern multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) aircraft in the world.

"They have the most modern engine, avionics and weapons systems," he said.

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U.S. tunjuk kekuatan tentera di persisiran Iran

Navy Stages Show of Force Off Iran Coast

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 23 - The U.S. Navy staged its latest show of military force off the Iranian coastline on Wednesday, sending two aircraft carriers and landing ships packed with 17,000 U.S. Marines and sailors to carry out unannounced exercises in the Persian Gulf.

The carrier strike groups led by the USS John C. Stennis and USS Nimitz were joined by the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard and its own strike group, which includes landing ships carrying members of the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

The Navy said nine U.S. warships passed through the narrow Strait of Hormuz on Wednesday. Merchant ships passing through the busy strait carry two-fifths of the world's oil exports.

Aircraft aboard the three carriers and the Bonhomme Richard were to conduct air training while the ships ran submarine, mine and other exercises.

The maneuvers came just two months after a previous exercise in March when two U.S. carrier groups carried out two days of air and sea maneuvers off the Iranian coast.

Before the arrival of the Bonhomme Richard strike group, the Navy maintained around 20,000 U.S personnel at sea in the Gulf and neighboring waters.

U.S. warships have frequently collided with merchant ships in the busy shipping lanes of the Gulf. - AP

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AF dan Islam Hadhari

Anda terhibur dan terpesona?

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Beberapa Persoalan Mengenai Wali

Semester November 2006 baru sahaja berlalu. Namun semester ini mencatitkan satu kenangan yang mengajak saya untuk menulis artikel ini untuk dikongsikan bersama. Dalam semester lepas saya ditugaskan untuk mengajar lima subjek, iaitu hadis tahlili, hadis 1, madkhal ila ilmi tafsir, muqaranah adyan dan juga aqidah IV.

Dalam salah satu kelas tutorial subjek hadis tahlili, bersama pelajar ijazah muslimat, saya telah diajukan dengan dua persoalan yang menggembirakan saya. Ini kerana saya sentiasa menggalakkan para pelajar saya mengajukan soalan yang mencabar saya. Tujuan cabaran ini adalah bagi saya mengenal pasti di manakah kelemahan saya dalam penguasaan sesuatu subjek. Lagipun, saya lebih suka menggunakan metodologi madrasah “ahli ar-Ra’yi”[1] dalam pengajaran saya, kerana ia lebih berkesan kepada para pelajar pada pendapat saya, berbanding dengan metodologi madrasah “ahli al-Hadis”.

Subjek hadis tahlili pula adalah subjek yang agak mencabar bagi para pelajar, kerana ia merupakan huraian secara harfiah kepada sesuatu hadis. Buku teks yang digunakan untuk subjek ini ialah kitab yang agak sukar untuk difahami oleh para pelajar, iaitu kitab “Syarah Sohih Muslim” karangan Imam Nawawi. Antara sukatan yang perlu dihabiskan ialah hadis-hadis dalam kitabun Nikah dan Kitabut Talaq.

Semasa saya membincangkan hadis-hadis mengenai “wali” dalam masalah perkahwinan, ada seorang pelajar muslimah bertanya: “Ustaz, adakah kuasa memberikan wali akan berpindah kepada wali yang lebih jauh jika wali yang sebenar itu pengsan”? Dalam huraiannya, pelajar itu menyatakan, di malam majlis akad, yang mana semua tetamu sudah datang, jurunikah dan juga pengantin lelaki sudah datang, hidangan juga sudah tersedia, tiba-tiba ayah kepada pengantin perempuan (wali) jatuh pengsan. Adakah wali itu akan berpindah kepada waris terdekat yang lain? Bila terdengan soalan itu, saya berfikir sejenak. Tiba-tiba datang pula satu soalan yang lain: “Ustaz, adakah boleh seorang anak zina menjadi wali kepada adik-adik perempuannya? Kedua-dua soalan itu adalah soalan yang mencabar saya dan membuatkan saya terpaksa berfikir mencari jawapan. Kedua-dua soalan ini memaksa saya berfikir dan mencari bahan rujukan. Tambahan pula, bagi sesiapa yang biasa membaca kitab “Syarah Sohih Muslim” dia akan mengetahui bahawa kitab itu sangat ringkas, terutamanya bagi pelajar. Imam Nawawi sentiasa menyebut bahawa beliau tidak ingin memanjangkan huraiannya, dan perbahasan-perbahasan mengenainya terdapat dalam kitab-kitab lain karyanya. Kerana itu, saya berpendapat bahawa kitab itu memerlukan kepada persediaan ilmiah untuk membacanya.

Saya mengambil keputusan untuk pulang lebih awal pada hari itu untuk mencari jawapan kepada kedua-dua soalan tadi. Ini kerana saya lebih selesa membuat rujukan dengan kitab-kitab yang berada di rumah orang tua saya. Semasa memandu dalam perjalanan pulang fikiran saya sentiasa berfikir mencari jawapan kepada persoalan itu. Saya tidak terus pulang ke rumah, tetapi singgah terlebih dahulu di rumah orang tua untuk membuat rujukan, walaupun rumah saya tidaklah jauh daripada rumah tersebut.

Saya tertarik untuk berkongsi dalam persoalan ini beberapa perkara. Antaranya:-

Pertama: Mengajukan soalan merupakan satu cara yang sangat penting dan berkesan dalam pembelajaran. Kerana inilah masyhur dalam pepatah arab yang menyatakan bahawa "as-sual nisful ilmi", ertinya soalan itu sebahagian daripada ilmu. Dengan mengajukan soalan kepada orang yang lebih mengetahui kita mampu untuk mendapatkan kefahaman yang mudah, yang mana mungkin kita tidak akan dapat memahaminya dengan membaca bersendirian walau dalam tempoh yang lama. Kerana inilah, Allah SWT berfirman: Maka tanyalah orang yang berilmu, kalau kamu tidak mengetahui"[2]. Melalui cara mengajukan soalan juga para ustaz dapat menilai kefahaman para pelajarnya. Ini kerana orang yang tidak memahami akan mengajukan soalan yang mungkin tidak berkaitan langsung dengan perkara yang dibincangkan.

Kedua: Kewanitaan tidak menghalang kita daripada mencari ilmu. Ini adalah satu perkara yang mesti ditekankan. Ini kerana ramai di kalangan muslimat telah terhalang daripada mendapat ilmu dan kefahaman disebabkan oleh sikap malu dan segan mereka. Kerana inilah Saiditina Aisyah menyatakan: Sebaik-baik wanita ialah wanita Ansar. Ini kerana malu tidaklah menghalang mereka untuk memahami agama"[3]. Saiditina Aisyah berkata demikian ketika mengulas Asma’binti Yazid bertanya Rasulullah s.a.w. mengenai cara mandi bagi perempuan haid dan cara mandi janabah[4]. Ummu Sulaim r.a. juga pernah bertanya Rasulullah s.a.w. dengan katanya: Wahai Rasulullah, Sesungguhnya Allah tidak malu menyatakan kebenaran, (kerana itu aku tidaklah malu bertanya) adakah wajib seorang perempuan mandi jika dia ihtilam (mimpi dan keluar mani)? Rasulullah s.a.w. menjawab: Ya, jika dia telah melihat air (wujudnya mani)[5]. Lihatlah para sohabiyyat, mereka tidak menjadikan malu penghalang mereka dalam menuntut ilmu. Bahkan mereka pernah meminta supaya Rasulullah s.a.w. mengajarkan kelas khusus untuk mereka, bila mereka merasakan bahawa para sahabat lelaki yang lebih banyak bersama Rasulullah s.a.w.[6].

Lihatlah bagaimana Ibn Umar memuji seorang perempuan dengan perkataan “jazlah” (seorang yang pintar) kerana wanita itu telah mengajukan soalan bertanya Rasulullah s.a.w. meminta penjelasan kenapakah wanita lebih ramai yang dicampak ke dalam neraka[7]? Saidina Umar sendiri pernah dikritik oleh seorang wanita dalam masalah untuk menyekat harga mahar (mas kahwin). Setelah ditegur, dan diberikan hujahnya, Saidina Umar berkata: Benarlah perempuan tersebut, dan Umar telah tersilap[8].

Ketiga: Dalam masalah hukum wali, bagi masalah pertama, wali yang pengsan tidaklah berpindah kepada wali yang lebih jauh. Ini kerana pengsan sama seperti tidur[9]. Sebagaimana wali yang tidur tidak berpindah kuasanya kepada orang lain, bahkan hendaklah ditunggu sehingga dia terjaga, maka samalah halnya dengan orang yang pengsan. Kuasa walinya tidak berpindah sehinggalah dia jaga. Maka perkahwinan dalam masalah seperti yang diajukan tidak boleh diteruskan, bahkan mesti ditangguhkan sehingga dia kembali sedar. Dalam masalah kedua, adik beradik zina tidak boleh menjadi wali kepada sesiapa pun di kalangan adik beradiknya. Ini kerana pada hakikatnya dia tidak mempunyai sebarang pertalian dengan adik beradiknya di sebelah bapa (orang yang berzina dengan ibunya). Ini kerana tidak thabit nasabnya dengan perzinaan demi menjaga keturunan manusia. Dan kalau sebelah ibu, memang dia dianggap adik beradik dengan mana-mana anak ibunya, namun adik beradik seibu tidak boleh menjadi wali, kerana mereka bukanlah asobah. Dan susunan wali dalam perkahwinan adalah seperti berikut[10]: ayah, kemudian datuk (ayah kepada ayah), kemudian adik beradik seibu sebapa, kemudian adik beradik sebapa, kemudian anak saudara (daripada adik beradik) seibu sebapa, kemudian anak saudara (daripada adik beradik sebapa), kemudian bapa saudara sebalah ayah (seibu sebapa), kemudian bapa saudara sebelah ayah (sebapa), kemudian sepupu (seibu sebapa) dan kemudian sepupu (daipada sebelah bapa). Dan begitulah keseluruhan asobah. Dan jika mereka semua sudah tiada, maka walinya adalah sama seperti yang disabdakan oleh Nabi s.a.w.: “Sultan adalah wali kepada orang yang tiada wali”[11].

Dan berdasarkan tertib wali ini, terjawablah kekeliruan saya yang ketiga. Kekeliruan saya ini “adakah boleh seorang wali mengahwini wanita yang sepatutnya dia mewalikan perkahwinan (menjadi wali kepada wanita itu)?” Kekeliruan ini timbul setelah pelajar muslimat yang sama mengajukan soalan semasa beliau datang menemui saya di pejabat. Pada mulanya saya menjawab tidak harus, kerana wali seseorang perempuan ialah waris yang paling dekat dengannya dan yang haram berkahwin dengannya. Namun, jika kesemua wali itu sudah tiada (samada meninggal atau sebagainya), maka sepupu pun layak menjadi wali. Maka dalam hal inilah wali harus (boleh) berkahwin dengan wanita yang dia berhak berikan walinya.

Itulah kenangan yang ingin saya kongsi bersama. Semoga ia bermanfaat untuk kita semua. Terima kasih untuk Zuraida dan Ummi Kalsum. Markah musyarakah yang penuh saya berikan kerana menambahkan ilmu saya.


[1] Timbulnya dua aliran ini adalah kerana faktor individu seseorang faqih itu sendiri, di samping pengaruh guru dan tempat. Metodologi “ahli ar-Ra’yi” lebih banyak menggunakan perbincangan berbanding “ahli al-Hadis”. Mereka juga lebih banyak menggunakan pemikiran dalam berfatwa berbanding madrasah “ahli al-Hadis” dan mereka juga suka membincangkan masalah-masalah andaian (fiqhul iftiradhi). Ia lebih popular di Kufah dan merupakan pengaruh daripada pemikiran Abdullah bin Mas’ud dan Saidina Ali. Madrasah “ahli al-Hadis” pula popular di Madinah dan kesan pemikiran (ittiba’) Ibnu Umar. Dan antara ulamak terkemuka “ahli ar-Ra’yi” ialah Imam Hanafi, dan ulamak “ahli al-Hadis” pula ialah Imam Malik.

[2] Surah an-Nahli: 43.

[3] Lihat Usulul Hadis, Dr. Muhammad Ujjaj Khatib, Darul Fikr, Beirut, 1989, m/s 65.

[4] Lihat Fiqh Sunnah, karangan Sayyid Sabiq, cetakan 11, Darul Fathi, 1994, j 1, m/s 57. Hadis riwayat al-Jamaah kecuali Tirmizi.

[5] Hadis riwayat Bukhari & Muslim. Ibid, j 1, m/s 49.

[6] Lihat Usulul Hadis, Dr. Muhammad Ujjaj Khatib, Darul Fikr, Beirut, 1989, m/s 65 dan 73.

[7] Hadis riwayat Muslim. Lihat Nuzhatul Muttaqin, cetakan 23, 1996, juz 2, m/s 487.

[8] Lihat Syarah Qanun Ahwal Syaksiyyah, juz 1, m/s: 168. Dan wanita tersebut berdalilkan dengan ayat 20, surah an-Nisa’. Ertinya: “Dan jika kamu hendak mengambil isteri (baru) menggantikan isteri (lama yang kamu ceraikan) sedang kamu telahpun memberikan kepada seseorang di antaranya (isteri yang diceraikan itu) harta yang banyak, maka janganlah kamu mengambil sedikitpun dari harta itu. Patutkah kamu mengambilnya dengan cara yang tidak benar dan (yang menyebabkan) dosa yang nyata?

[9] Lihal al-Mufassol Fi Ahkamil Mar’ah, Dr Abdul Karim Zaidan, Muassasah Risalah, Beirut, cetakan 2, 1994, j 6, m/s 348 (5772).

[10] Lihat Fiqhul Manhaji, juz 2, m/s 59.

[11] Hadis riwayat Abu Daud (2083), Tirmizi (1102) dan Ibn Majah (1881) dalam kitabun Nikah

Tuan Mohd Sapuan Tuan Ismail, http://tasekpauh.blogspot.com/ UPI, KIAS, 0136353463

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Hentikan tudingan jari - Pak Lah

Pak Lah hanya mampu menegur, dan kecewa?

Stop The 'Finger-pointing' - Abdullah

TOKYO, May 22 (Bernama) - The Public Works Department (PWD) is responsible for maintenance of government buildings and there should be no "finger-pointing" whenever a defect occurs, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today.

The Prime Minister said he had told Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu that matters pertaining to maintenance of government buildings was under the PWD's jurisdiction and accusations as to who was responsible must stop as it would only lead to embarrassment.

Instead, he wanted the authorities responsible to carry out the entrusted tasks, he said.

"I've told Samy Vellu that the PWD was responsible for matters related to maintenance, don't quarrel among yourselves, it's embarrassing.

"It's alright if you want to talk it over and carry out the repairs jointly ...what's the point of quarrelling with each other to the extent of the people knowing.

If there's something wrong, talk to each other, cooperate and do it quietly...what's the point of quarrelling in the newspapers, one says they're responsible, the other says it's your problem," he said when commenting on the issue of maintaining government buildings and the leaking roof in Parliament. more

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PAS impikan pemimpin parti dari kaum Cina


KUALA LUMPUR 21 Mei – Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat berharap dan berdoa agar suatu hari nanti ada pemimpin penting dalam parti itu dari kalangan kaum Cina.

Katanya, beliau suka kepada sikap orang Cina yang lebih tekun dan suka belajar bila masuk Islam berbanding orang Melayu.

’’Orang Melayu masuk Islam kerana datuk neneknya orang Islam, masuk Islam automatik dan mereka hanyut begitu sahaja,’’ katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan bangunan Ibu Pejabat Pas di Jalan Raja Laut di sini hari ini.

Turut hadir Presiden Pas, Abdul Hadi Awang, Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Naib Presiden Pas, Datuk Husam Musa. Lagi di UtusanOnline

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Bangladesh - S/U Politik bekas PM dihukum penjara

Berita menarik dari Bangladesh mengenai politik dan rasuah.

Ex-PM's aide jailed in Bangladesh

May 21 - A special court in Bangladesh has sentenced the political secretary of a former prime minister to three years in jail, an official has said.

Harris Chowdhury, who has been on the run since the government launched its crackdown on corruption, was found guilty of failing to submit details of his financial affairs as demanded by the authorities.

Chowdhury was Khaleda Zia's political secretary during her second term as prime minister, from 2001 until October 2006.

Golam Fattah, public prosecutor, said: "Judge Ashraf Hossain of special court number five gave the verdict today."


The special courts were set up by the military-backed government last month to try dozens of high-profile political figures charged with corruption.

Chowdhury was ordered to account for his wealth by the anti corruption commission after the military-backed government took power following the imposition of emergency rule in January.

Many others ordered to make similar submissions have been in detention for several months.

Among those arrested are Zia's influential elder son, Tareque Rahman, as well as former ministers and MPs of both Zia's Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and rival Sheikh Hasina Wajed's Awami League.

At least half a dozen former ministers are due to be tried at the special courts set up at the national parliament building in the capital.

Chowdhury is the first BNP member to be given a jail sentence.

Last month Shamim Osman, a former Awami League MP, was jailed for three years for failing to submit his financial details.

The new government has vowed to clean up Bangladesh's corruption-riddled politics before holding elections by the end of 2008. Agencies

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Golongan muda Kelantan perlu tolak Pas - Khairy

Jaguh Mat Rempit ..

KOTA BHARU, 20 Mei – Naib Ketua Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO, Khairy Jamaluddin mengajak golongan muda di negeri ini menolak Pas pada pilihan raya umum akan datang ekoran kegagalan parti itu mewujudkan peluang ekonomi sepanjang 17 tahun memerintah Kelantan.

Beliau berkata, Pas sebaliknya lebih banyak memberikan peluang ekonomi kepada warga asing dan bukannya rakyat negeri ini seperti yang berlaku di kawasan tanah tinggi Lojing.

Menurut Khairy, tiga konsesi balak di kawasan itu diberikan kepada rakyat Singapura.

Katanya, isu kegagalan Pas menguruskan kerajaan negeri dengan baik akan diberi penekanan oleh UMNO kepada para pengundi muda supaya mereka dapat membuat satu ketetapan bagi menentukan masa depan Kelantan.

‘‘Jangan bagi lagi undi kepada kerajaan yang sanggup menggadaikan masa depan dan khazanah alam sekitar,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas majlis makan tengah hari di rumah Pemangku Ketua UMNO Bahagian Kota Bharu, Datuk Mohd. Fatmi Che Salleh di sini hari ini.

Beliau juga menambah, kerajaan negeri Kelantan gagal menjelaskan isu Lojing kepada rakyat secara yang memuaskan.

Katanya, tindakan Menteri Besar, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yang masih membisu dalam isu itu turut dikesali.

Khairy berkata, Nik Aziz sebaliknya menyerahkan kepada Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pentadbiran Awam, Kewangan, Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Masyarakat negeri, Datuk Husam Musa untuk menjawab isu Lojing.

‘‘Apa kena-mengena Husam dengan kes ini? Mana Menteri Besar, mana Timbalan Menteri Besar? Exco Alam Sekitar sendiri tidak berkata apa-apa. Kenapa Husam yang bercakap semua ini, adakah dia kawal negeri? lagi di UtusanOnline.

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Islamophobia - Mermaid dikenakan tudung

Mermaid Statue Draped in Muslim Dress

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, May 20 - The Little Mermaid statue in Denmark's capital was found draped in a Muslim dress and head scarf Sunday morning. Police removed the clothing after a telephone caller reported it, spokesman Jorgen Thomsen said.

Picture- Unknown offenders put a Muslim dress and head scarf on the famed Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen early Sunday May 20 2007, police said. After receiving a telephone call, a police car was dispatched to the site and she was undressed, Copenhagen police spokesman Jorgen Thomsen said. The Little Mermaid was created by Danish sculptor Edvard Eriksen in tribute to Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. Sitting on a rock at the entrance of the Copenhagen harbor since 1913, she draws an estimated 1 million visitors a year, and is occasionally targeted by vandals.

In 2004, someone put a burqa, the head-to-toe Islamic robe, on the statue, along with a sign questioning Turkey's bid to join the European Union.

The bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen has sat on a rock in Copenhagen harbor since 1913. AP

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