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Pemimpin UIC sihat dan selamat, alhamdulillah

Sheikh Shariif said he had no knowledge of any American soldiers captured by his group nor was his life was in any danger.

The entire UIC leadership is fine and well

Kavkaz, February 4 - The entire Mogadishu residents was relieved last night as they heard the voice of Sheikh Shariif Sheikh Ahmed, their leader for the last 6 months. Almost all of the major radio stations such as the BBC, alJazeera and Shabelle done detailed interviews with him.

(Picture right to left - Abu Quteyba, Sheikh Janaqow, Sheikh Shariif, Islamic scholar Sheikh Umar Liman, Sheikh Abdukhadir. and the son of Umar Adaani).

Firstly the sheikh spoke about his coming to Kenya stating that the Kenyan government and other Arab friendly nations (possibly Yemen, Qatar) was in daily contact with his group as they left Mogadishu, and has consulted the other leaders before he went ahead with the meeting with the Americans and Kenyans. He further said that he did not surrender to any one nor he feared for his safety as the Kenyans and other diplomats including the Americans welcomed him and held several meetings with him. He urged the Somalis to reconcile and advised the resistance to ovoid targeting civilian populated areas, he said his demand was still that the entire Ethiopians should leave the country before any meetings takes place with the puppet government.

He also stated that the Americans understood a need to build a government who is chosen by the people so there can be a lasting peace, he said that "any foreign troops will only fuel violence and would not solve anything as the Americans could not solve anything during the 1990s peace mission"

He informed the Islamic courts supporters that the air strike did not harm any of the leadership and they were sending their greetings to Mogadishu and were in constant communications with them.

Asked by the media whether he would come to Mogadishu the sheikh replied that "he would not beg of any one if he wanted to come to Mogadishu"

More violence followed today in Mogadishu as gunmen killed a senior police colonel in the city centre and more former Islamic fighters stream back into the city as the Ethiopians withdraw, Mogadishu resident told KC that some of the senior Islamic courts members returned to the city and where in a "planning activity".

The city of Jowhar was is in chaos the last few days as the "new" administration were held up in a hotel as the former governor’s gangs are on a continuing rampage on the city looting every public building in the city.

Most of the residence in Mogadishu as well as many Somalis abroad showed their thumbs up to Sheikh Shariif as they phoned in local radio stations in support of him. Many Somali religious leaders abroad most from the UK were making their way to Yemen once they heard the Sheikh was on his way to that country.

Sheikh Shariif also said he had no knowledge of any American soldiers captured by his group nor was his life was in any danger, he praised the resistance and told the world the no country would accept an invasion and would always resist. KC

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