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Lori penuh dengan senjata untuk Fatah ditahan

Pakatan untuk mengalahkan Islam berterusan. Kini Fatah dibekalkan kelengkapan senjata untuk menentang Hamas.

Qassam sources: "Lorries loaded with rifles"

03 February 2007 - Sources close to the armed wing of Hamas Movement, the Qassam Brigades, have affirmed that the three lorries that were intercepted by Qassam fighters Thursday were full of M-16 rifles, upgraded RPGs, and huge quantities of bullets.

The sources added that the three trucks were completely unloaded, and that the shipment comprised bullet-proof suits, military boots, and military equipment in addition to weapons.

The three seized lorries, the sources asserted, were part of 11 lorries that came from a gulf state and crossed the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom crossing point between Egypt and the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands.

The shipment, according to the sources, was meant to strengthen PA security forces loyal to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and the mutiny trend in Fatah faction with the aim to beat Hamas in Gaza Strip and abort its governance experience.

Moreover, sources close to Hamas Movement affirmed that the Qassam fighters and elements of the PA interior ministry’s executive force seized huge arms caches inside four PA security apparatuses buildings that were prepared to be used against Hamas.

Hamas, for its part, condemned the PA presidency's role in allowing entry of those arms to the mutiny trend, which according to it “plants death, destruction, and terror in the Palestinian community”.

In this context, the Movement expressed surprise over Abbas’ “unexplainable” silence over those shipments, and urged him to immediately and clearly adopt a national vision that would enhance Palestinian unity.

Hamas also asserted that it will not remain arms folded towards harmful practices of the mutiny trend planning to impose its political will on the Palestinian people by force.

Furthermore, the Movement urged the Arab countries to break the unjust economic siege on the Palestinian people and to allow financial assistance for them instead of supplying weapons to certain Palestinian parties at the expense of other parties with the aim to fuel internal disputes.

Substantiating its sincere efforts in reaching a national understanding and forming national coalition government, the Movement called on “good and prudent” figures in Fatah faction to isolate the mutiny trend that “aims at marring any possible national understanding between Hamas and Fatah”. kudusyolu

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