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Sheikh Sharif berlepas ke Yemen, satu syarat kepada U.S.

Sheikh Sharif on his way to Yemen, more fighting Mogadishu

Kavkaz, February 2 - It has been confirmed Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is on his way to Yemen tonight as more fighting is under way in Mogadishu and Baidoa, speaking to Reuters. Sheikh Shariif confirmed he was 100% in good health and was heading to Yemen with out answering further questions. It appears that one of the conditions set by the Sheikh Sharif during the negotiations with the Americans has been met, earlier reports leaked to the press by some Arab & EU diplomats indicated that Sheikh Sharif laid conditions for the release of captured American soldiers in south Somalia in the Jubba regions, one of the conditions was for him to be allowed to go to a safer country.

Meanwhile in Mogadishu, gunmen fired at least 9 mortar rounds into the main seaport as the capital experienced its heaviest fighting so far, in return the occupation and puppet troops encamped there fired at a refugee camp close to the sea port, in the other areas of Mogadishu heavy fighting's between gunmen and ethiopians as well as clan fighting in other areas left at least 7 people dead.

In the bay and Bakool region (Baidoa) a warlord's gunmen angry at the election of the "new parliament" speaker sprayed bullets at demonstrators who where rallying in support of the "new elected" speaker Adan Madobe, Adan Madobe a former warlord who is allied to the "president" and Ethiopia "replaced" the so call "parliament" speaker Sharif Hassan.

Many Islamic loyalist parliamentarians and Shariif Hassan who are self exiled in De Jabuti rejected the election saying the puppet "parliament" is being controlled by the ethiopians. KC

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