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Selangor cadang anugerah 'malu' untuk agensi kerajaan

Bagaimana pula kalau dicadangkan anugerah ahli politik tersohor Selangor? Calun terkehadapan Datuk Z, DS Khir Toyo, MP Gombak Dr Abdul Rahman, juga orang lama saperti Abu Hassan Omar, Muhammad M. Taib dll baik yang dulu, kini dan..

Selangor To Give Disgrace Awards To Non-Performing Agencies

SHAH ALAM, Jan 31 (Bernama) - Selangor will give disgrace awards to its local councils and land and district offices (PTD) that failed to meet their targets like tax collections that are set by the state government.

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo said these non-performing agencies will be presented with a broom to symbolise their failure in cleaning up their acts to improve services quality.

The award will be given to the heads of these agencies during a special award night whose date has not been determined yet, he said.

"The historical night will come. The outstanding will be rewarded as excellent. The non-performing ones, we will give them a broom," he told reporters here after witnessing the signing of a cooperation agreement between the state government and Pos Malaysia Bhd, Wednesday.

Under the pact, the public can pay their quit rents at 84 Pos Malaysia counters in Selangor, and 57 counters in Kuala Lumpur. They can also settle the tax at nine PTD and 12 local councils via Internet banking.

Dr Mohamad Khir said the state government managed to collect about 80 per cent of the total quit rent last year, where it issued 760,327 quit rent bills to individuals and 260,514 bills to companies.

Last year, the Selangor government managed to collect RM320 million in taxes compared with RM260 million in 2005 and RM250 million in 2004.

He said for the first two weeks of this year, the state government had collected a total of RM700,000 in quit rents.

Dr Mohamad Khir said there was a drop in the number of state government staff who were sacked from the service in recent years.

Last year, it expelled 11 people from the 84 staff who were under disciplinary action compared with 37 people from a pool of 100 in 2005.

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