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Amir Abdullah di Chechnya, saudara tak lupakan kami

Amir Abdullah: “We wish to be sure, that you have not forgotten us”

Kavkav, January 30 - The Turkish commander Abdullah who is at war in Chechnya, addressing to Turkish Muslims has told: "We wish to be sure, that you have not forgotten us".

In the appeal of commander Abdullah is told:

"We always were, is and we shall be on the side of Chechen people, which is suffering under oppression of Russian invaders. During this struggle many of us, as well as among our Chechen brothers, became Shaheeds (Insha'Allah). More recently amir Abu Hafs was lost, and now he receives destiny at his Lord. However, despite of heavy losses, despite of the spilled blood and the suffered victims, our peoples continue this sacred struggle.

We learned much on an example of our amirs, who became Shaheeds (Insha'Allah), such as Abdul-Halim, Hattab, Shamil, Abu Walid and Abu Hafs. They always wished to become Shaheed on the Path of Allah and doubtless have given lives on His Path. Our commanders always set us a good example in this. For liberation from occupation we should work hardly, and experiencing difficulties we always should hope to the Help of Allah. For us is more better to be lost on this way, than to live under oppression. Who becomes Shahid on this way, he will be saved by Allah. And let continue Jihad, which outcome are or a victory by the Mercy of Allah, or death of martyr, let it will be prolonged! Remember, that Allah prescribed to us: "do not despair and do not lose courage, if you truly believed and the victory will come..."

Oh, Muslims, we continue Jihad. Under leadership of our leader Dokka Umarov and together with our commanders we are ready to accept the death of Shahid or to reach a victory. We are assured, that you are on our side and we transfer salam to you.

Brothers! Under direction of Amir Abu Anas we experience very active winter battling on the East Front of CRI. Though Russian army traditionally loves winter months, during this season we managed to cause to it the big loss.

Our commanders Abu Anas, Yasir, Osman, and others by the Mercy of Allah prepare to invaders unexpected surprises.Insha'Allah, soon we shall please you with good news.

We are grateful to Turkish Muslims and Muslims of all world for their prays and good wishes for us. May Allah will reward you for this! On other fronts of Caucasus our brothers mojaheds too battle not sparing themselves, many became Shaheeds, as well as the members of their families stirred up by invaders. These victims are unforgotten for us.

I hope that this news will reach you soon. Once again I transfer salam to you and I ask Allah about granting to you and us His blessing and a fast victory.

Loving you for the sake of Allah, your brother Abdullah.

KudusYolu via KC
Translated from Turkish by Ali Bekhan

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