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Jihad tetap berterusan, Presiden Chechnya

President Dokka Umarov Assures Of Jihad Continuity In Chechnya

Kavkav Center, January 17 - Chechen President Dokka Umarov and through a special statement to “www.qoqaz.com” assure that Jihad in Chechnya is persistent -by God’s Well- until the last Russian soldier is kicked out from Chechnya. And what had happened in Chechnya within the last seven years through great sacrifices and the self-sacrifices for God’s sake will not go in vain, because victory will not be achieved without efforts, sacrifices, and devotion to Almighty God. He pointed out that the moral of the Mujahideen is high, which they work in an organized and well-arranged ways and means in all fronts and sectors of Chechnya, and they are preparing their gear for the coming summer.

In his statement, he threatened the russian occupations with more losses in Chechnya and he said that Russia is still contending stubbornly in spite of what is confronted daily in Chechnya, and despite of the effects of Chechnya Jihad on entire Russia, whether militarily, economically, or politically. Those effects will persist until Russia withdraws from Chechnya.

The communiqué ended with the supplication to God, to render Chechen Mujahideen victorious against Russian occupiers.

A Successful Attack Against A Military Convoy In Gudermes Region

Commander Aslanbek’s unit executed a successful attack against a military convoy that was moving on the main road between Gudermes and Argun. The unit managed to wreck three BMP armored vehicles and to burn a military truck that was loaded with ammunition.

Regarding killing Russians they were not less than 7 soldiers and the injured were more than that number. The unit withdrew successfully in accordance with laid plan carrying one Mujahid injured, wishing him recovery.

A Russian Traitor Murdered In Jokhar (Grozny)

Two of the Mujahideen that are attached to Commander Abu-Bakr Basayev, the Commander of "Grozny Center" carried out a successful murder operation against one of the traitors that was proven to be involved in transferring information about Mujahideen to the Russians.

This operation comes within concentrated operations that Mujahideen perform against Russian traitors in Chechnya.

8 Russian Soldiers Killed In Dargo

Eight Russian soldiers were killed in Dargo area after destroying their -BTR- vehicle that they were occupying to pass through one of Dargo’s roads. Operation was executed by Commander Osman’s unit.

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