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Gencatan senjata Fatah dan Hamas runtuh

Sengketa sebegini tidak menghairankan. Kumpulan nasionalis sekularis Fatah dengan dokongan anti-Islam Amerika, Israel dan juga negara-negara Islam berfahaman sekular akan terus memusuhi Hamas selagi Hamas mengambil Islam sebagai wadah perjuangan mereka. Perkara sebegini akan terus berlaku bila-bila sahaja dan di mana-mana, di Mesir, Algeria, Turki, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan dan lain-lain termasuk Malaysia. InsyaAllah mereka satu hari pasti akan dikalahkan, di mana kita hanya harus terus berjuang menegakkan kebenaran.

Ceasefire crumbles in
Gaza - 13 Killed, over 100 wounded in Hamas-Presidential Terrorists clashes

02 February 2007 - 13 Palestinians were killed and over a 100, Thursday evening and Friday morning, were wounded in clashes between Fatah and Hamas elements in the Gaza Strip.

The clashes started when elements of the Interior Ministry's Executive Force and Qassam Brigades fighters detained two lorries out of 11 heading to the Presidential headquarters from Egypt.

Spokesman for the Qassam Brigades said that the lorries were loaded with arms and ammunitions for the Presidential Guards with the aim of boosting it to confront Hamas.

Fatah denies that and says that the lorries carried logistic equipment for the security forces but not arms or ammunitions.

The clashes started in the southern Gaza Strip Thursday evening but quickly spread to Gaza City when Presidential Guards attacked the Islamic University, a known Hamas stronghold, as well as some ministries in the city.

(Picture left - The Islamic University in Gaza was stormed by Fatah fighters - AFP)

An explosion took place inside one of the campus buildings causing a large fire, witnesses said, at what is reputedly the most prestigious Islamic university in the impoverished Palestinian territory.

Ismail Radwan, a Hamas spokesman, said: "We heavily condemn this action of the presidential guard and its acts of vandalism committed at the Islamic University, which is an academic institution without armed men or stashes of weapons."

Several gunmen were detained, while weapons and explosives were confiscated during an initial sweep of the campus, a security source said.

Fatah said the operation had been ordered after Hamas fighters fired mortar shells and rocket-propelled grenades towards Gaza's main presidential compound from the university. Palestine-info.co.uk and Agencies

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