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Tokoh : Amir Abu Hafs martyred (inshaAllah)

Martyrdom of Abu Hafs Confirmed By Chechen Military Command

Amir Abu Hafs, the Deputy Military Amir of Chechen Mujahideen martyred (Shaheed, insha Allah) in a fierce battle that lasted for several hours in the Dagestani town of Khasavyurt, on Sunday, November 26, 2006, according to a Tuesday report for the Kavkaz Center news agency from the Eastern Front Headquarters of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria's Armed Forces.

Two other Mujahideen martyred with him in the battle, Allah's willing, the report says. Earlier the Russians falsely claimed that they had killed 5 Mujahideen in the action.

Details of the battle are still unavailable. The battle lasted for the whole light-time period on Sunday, the report says.

The Russians earlier claimed that it lasted for 4 hours.

Amir Abu Hafs was born in 1973 in Jordan. After graduating from a university, he came in 1995 in Chechnya to fight as a volunteer against Russian aggressors. After martyrdom (Shaheed, insha Allah) of Amir Hattab, Abu Hafs became a deputy of Amir Abu Walid. And after Abu Walid (Shaheed, insha Allah), he became the commander of a group of volunteers. He was nominated a Deputy Military Amir of Chechen Mujahideen by the order of the Chechen President in 2005. KC.

Read also an interview with Amir Abu Hafs published by KC only on November 12:
Abu Hafs: Youth Is Going Out For Jihad

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