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Berita : Kanak2 dibunuh dalam serangan US di Iraq

Children killed in US raid in Iraq

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Breaking News by alJazeera.net

Five young girls and a baby have been killed in a US raid on a house in the Iraqi city of Ramadi, the US military has told Al Jazeera English.

The US military said two armed men had opened fire from the roof of a house on a US patrol disarming a roadside bomb, prompting the soldiers to reply with tank fire on Tuesday.

Following the pre-dawn barrage, US troops carried out "an extensive search of the house and found one male and five females, ages ranging from infant to teenaged, dead," the statement said.

The US military blamed the fighters for the incident.

The raid resulted in no US casualties

"It was reported that one of the insurgents was wounded and other insurgents came to remove him from the scene," the US military statement said.

Capain Frank Pasqual, a spokesman for US central command, told Al Jazeera: "What we're looking at is a terrible case of insurgents planting bombs and using civilians as shields which resulted in an ambush and terrible tragedy.

Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Salas, a US marine spokesman, said: "Efforts are underway to coordinate and offer available assistance to surviving family members."

"The concern is loss of innocent life."

Ramadi is in Anbar province, scene of some of the fiercest fighting between US forces and fighters.

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