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Ummah : 'Happy Clappies' mengikut Yvonne Ridley

Definasi 'Happy Clappies' mengikut Yvonne Ridley

Saperti yang dikatakan oleh sdr Azizi dalam chatbox malam tadi, "Happy Clappies ... they are loud and clear and everywhere here. God help us!", apakah ini benar?. Untuk menilainya, baca artikal "Beware of the Happy Clappies" tulisan Yvonne Ridley. Di bawah adalah sedutan dari artikal tersebut untuk memberi gambaran awal kepada pengunjung:

"Their weasel words are fooling some of the Ummah and charming non-Muslims who love to introduce them on TV with labels such as modernists and moderates."

"The Happy Clappies promote an Islam devoid of jihad, shari'ah and khilafah ... hmm, a bit like cod and chips without the fish!"

"Why can't we express outrage at the rivers of innocent Muslim blood which flow through Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, and Uzbekistan. Why can't our dead have one minute's silence afforded the innocent victims of 9/11, Bali, Madrid, or the London Bombings.

Why can't we speak out about the continuing injustices against the Palestinians who at this very moment are being starved to death for having the cheek to democratically elect a government not to the liking of the American President?

Clearly these are issues not on the agenda of the Happy Clappies who make it their business to avoid speaking about illegal wars, persecution, injustice or criticising Western leadership."

Biasa dengar? Apakah sdr Azizi benar..? Bagi kami, tentu sekali!


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