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Wakil Pas fatwa Islam Hadhari menyeleweng - Rosol Wahid

Rep: PAS has issued fatwa against Islam Hadhari

KUALA TERENGGANU, Aug 14 - PAS has issued a fatwa (religious edict) to punish those practising and preaching Islam Hadhari, deeming them infidels.

State Islam Hadhari and Welfare Committee chairman Datuk Rosol Wahid, replying to a question by Alias Abdullah (BN – Alor Limbat), said the fatwa was issued by a young PAS leader and his declaration was disseminated in a series of gatherings to the masses.

“We have all the necessary evidence in the form of recordings and written material to substantiate the fatwa issued by PAS,” the state executive councillor said.

He urged the religious department to investigate and act against the PAS leader who issued this fatwa.

Rosol said the religious department had also identified 84 mosques that had been misused by PAS leaders to preach their version of safeguarding Islam.

“They hurl all of kind of accusations and lies in their bid to disunite Muslims,” he added.

The assembly continues today. theStarOnline

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