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Skim 5 rangkai untuk melemahkan perjuangan Palestin - Haneya

There is a Five-point Scheme to Liquidate the Palestinian Cause

Kudus Yolu, August 11 - Ismail Haneya, Prime Minister of the PA care-taker government in Gaza said during the Friday sermon that there is a five-point scheme that aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

He was delivering the Friday sermon at the central Mosque in Khan Younis. He said that this conspiracy, in which some Palestinian parties are taking part is based on five axes; separation between Gaza and the West Bank, tightening the siege on Gaza, eroding the legitimacy of the Hamas's elected government, destroying the infrastructure of the Palestinian resistance, especially in the West Bank and entering into security and political deals with the Zionist enemy.

He stressed that these five axes have become a de facto "code of conduct" for some Palestinian, regional and international parties when dealing with the Palestinian issue.

Haneyya further said that his government rejects militarization of society and having numerous security agencies, as the case was in Gaza before Hamas took over, stressing: "We do not want a police state in Gaza"

He added that his government wants a strong police force, a national security agency which will protect the borders and internal security under the ministry of interior.

He said that after the collapse of the PA security agencies his government took over the responsibility and managed to control the situation adding that if such vacuum took place in any other place there would have been rife chaos.

Haneyya also talked about Abbas's presidential edicts and the illegal government that he set up in Ramallah and which started paying salaries to employees based on their political affiliation, denying those who disagree with it their salaries.

Haneyya said that Abbas was behind the closure of Rafah pointing to the fact that the Palestinian and the Israeli delegates to U.N. agreed to oppose a draft resolution submitted by Qatar and Indonesia to reopen the crossing.

"We will not surrender and the siege will not break our determination. They rely on America, we rely on Allah. They hide behind worldly powers we seek heavenly support and indeed there is a huge difference between both," Haneya said.

He also said that there are serious efforts to destroy the resistance in the West Bank through some suspicious security deals with the occupation government adding that whenever the PA security arrest a person or a group they claim that the arrested people where trying to setup an executive force in the West Bank.

He stressed that dialogue is the only way ahead for the Palestinians and expressed support for President Saleh's initiative.

Commenting on the autumn "international conference" called for by President Bush, Haneyya said this conference will be no more than a farewell party for Bush who has achieved nothing and all his plans failed.

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