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Fatah tuduh Hamas tangkap ahli-ahli Fatah di Gaza

Mass arrests in Gaza

Gaza, July 29 - A senior Fatah official on Sunday accused Hamas of a campaign to detain members of the group in the Gaza Strip.

Picture (Reuters): Palestinians hold posters of Saeed Al Atabah during a rally calling for his release along with other Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. The poster reads: "No peace without releasing all prisoners in all prison occupation".

Ibrahim Abu An Naja told a news conference that Hamas has been carrying out nightly raids on homes since defeating Fatah forces in the territory in a brief civil war last month.

"It is an attempt to eliminate [Fatah] ... But how can a 50-year-old movement like Fatah be eliminated?" Najah said.

Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri denied the accusation, saying that Naja's comments were "full of false accusations and lies".

He said Fatah complaints of an arrest campaign were aimed at covering up its own detention of Hamas members in the West Bank.

Zuhri said hundreds of Hamas men were "in the jails of the Palestinian security services in the West Bank", including one of its leading figures in the territory, Ahmed Doula. Agencies

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