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Surat dari UK : Kebangkitan ummah

Letter from Arosh Ali to Kavkaz Center

As-Salaamu alaikum, brothers and sisters!

I read many articles on many websites about how us Muslims are being oppressed and the culprits behind this oppression, yet everyone points the finger at Bush and Blair, when in truth they are just the mere front of who is behind this. We all know that behind this great masterminded effort are the high degree freemasons, yet all articles talk about Bush and Blair when in truth they are mere puppets.

Alhamdulilah from where im living and viewing things, peoples minds are changing, the sheep that once were are starting to wake up, muslims through our MASS victimization & the efforts of the brothers in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Kashmir & Lebanon are realizing our true roots which is why the masjids in UK are filling up gradually and people are more aware now then eve ever seen about their obligation to help protect Allah's religion, knowing fully that Allah is not in need of that but he provides us with that opportunity (to protect his deen) as a mere test and way of reward for the ones true to their propagation of Shahadah and in their following the complete Sunnah of prophet SAW (including Jihad), rather then picking and choosing Sunnah to their liking.

I wrote this just to inform your site about the situation of UK, which Alhamdulillah is so good now! Our Friday Khutbahs were almost DEAD in the UK since i can remember (I'm 24 now) as the learned folk would speak about ghusl and namaz, but nothing about current affairs or the struggles of the past, this has changed! I have heard about 10 talks now in live about the oppression, everything leading up to and pointing to Jihad, but they just cant say the words "go and fight" however 1 scholar does say this openly many many times (moulana Zaheer Mahmood from Birmingham, UK) so there is a lot of efforts being made in order for brothers to go to fight jihad. And Inshahallah may Allah allow all those with sincere intention, or even a slight desire to fight for the right reasons be granted the reward of fighting against the zaalimun. Ameen.

I shall make dua for those of you who have given up everything to defend Allah's religion.

Arosh Ali

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