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Jihad Saudi Arabia : Mana yang betul?

Which Jihad is Considered “True” in Saudi Arabia?
Kavkaz Center

Hypocrisy of the governors of Saudi Arabia is well-known. In this brief material I wish to result only one comparison of a position of this country in days of Jihad in Afghanistan (the Soviet invasion) and today's Jihad in Iraq and in the same Afghanistan.

Russians have invaded per 1979 in Afghanistan, and have established board which submitted to them. And Saudi Arabia has not recognized this occupational government. Americans have grasped not only Afghanistan, but also Iraq, and in each of these two countries the government has obeyed to their will. Saudi Arabia has recognized both American occupational boards.

The Saudi government supported the Afghani Mujahideen morally to battle to the Soviet armies while today it perceives Mujahideen in Afghanistan and especially in Iraq as criminals, threatens those who tries to help them and declares any help to Mujahideen a crime.

The Saudi state has allowed sheikhs and scientists during the Soviet invasion to approve Jihad in Afghanistan, to publish fetwas in this occasion, and today all fetwas concerning Iraq and Afghanistan are considered as an offence. Worse that, they everywhere push forward so-called scientists who publish fetwas, forbidding Jihad in Afghanistan and in Iraq and forbidding in it to participate.

The Saudi state helped young men, which wished to take part in Jihad (against advice) in Afghanistan. It has given them the right to different discounts and the privileges reached 70 %, and now desire to go in Iraq or Afghanistan are declared criminal and young men arrest and throw in prisons.

The Saudi governors accepted in the past of leaders of Jihad of Afghanistan and allowed to organize it conferences on the ground, and now they have joined enemies of the Islam, and pursue leaders of Jihad in Iraq.

Thus, when Jihad in Afghanistan did not infringe on interests of America and weakened enemies of the USA, Saudi Arabia was the supporter of Jihad on a way of the Allah. Sheikhs had the right to give фетвы in their direct sense, and to give to mojaheds support as in material, and the spiritual plan, and all the young men, wishing to accept in participation in Jihad, had the right to privileges and referred to as mojaheds.

However since that moment, as Jihad has infringed on interests of America (in Afghanistan and Iraq) it became terrorism and extremism. Those who takes part in Jihad, search and kill, and those who helps by means of the fetwas or money, put in prisons. Sheikhs have no right to state the Islamic legal point of view in this occasion, opposite official scientists publish fetwas, forbidding participation in Jihad, and Jihad declare terrorism.

The same has occurred and in relation to Chechnya . America has approved capture of Chechnya by Russia, and Saudi Arabia has acted also though Chechnya was grasped with the same Russian which grasped also Afghanistan.

Thus, clearly, that governors of Saudi Arabia do not recognize Jihad on the way of Allah. For them jihad on the way of America is lawful.

Everything, that kafirs allow, they (governors of Saudi Arabia) resolve and support, and everything, that they forbids, becomes forbidden.

By Naser al-Fahd
Translated by Ali Bekhan, KC

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