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Berita : Hamas tuduh U.S. biayai plot jatuhkan kerajaan

Hamas accuses the U.S. of funding a coup against govt
6 Jan

Mosheer Al Masry, a senior official at the ruling party, Hamas, accused the United States of funding and aiding a revolt against the Hamas-led government.

Meanwhile, Reuters is said to have obtained a U.S government document stating that Washington plans sending money to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party to “assist the P.A in fulfilling its commitments under the Road Map Plan, and impose law and orders in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip”, according to Israeli online daily, Haaretz.

Al Masry said Bush’s admin. plans transferring $84 million to the Palestinian Security Forces loyal to president Abbas, adding that the Palestinian government urged Abbas to not surrender to the U.S. plot and reject its policy “which aims at tearing the Palestinian people apart and create further violence among the factions”.

Al Masry made his remarks in the wake of fierce fighting that broke out in recent days between Hamas and Fatah members and supporters, killing and injuring elements from both parties, as well as civilians.

Bowing to Western and Israeli demands, President Abbas has called for holding early legislative and presidential elections, in what analysts describe as a clear attempt to oust the Hamas government, whose victory in last year’s elections prompted Western fears and aid cuts that left the government stuck an unprecedented economic crisis.

Last month, The Times confirmed the transfer of at least two thousand weapons and two million bullets through Israel into Gaza, a clear evidence of efforts by Israel, London and Washington to reinforce Abbas against the Islamic movement and now the ruling Party; Hamas.

The weapons were delivered to its intended customer with Israel’s co-operation.

Just recently, British Prime Minister Tony Blair publicly expressed the full support of his government, which has promised £1 million to bolster Mr Abbas’ Presidential Guard, to the “moderate” Fatah leader in his power struggle with Hamas.

But the U.S.- support to Israel and Fatah to force Hamas step down, prompted international concerns that supplying guns and fighters amounts to backing one side in a civil war.

On the other hand, Israeli security officials confirmed last month the delivery of 2,000 automatic rifles, 20,000 ammunition clips and 2 million bullets, from Egypt into Israel. AJP and Agencies

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