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Berita : Pegawai kanan UIC di Yemen untuk berbincang

Kami sengaja siarkan 3 berita dari Somalia berturut-turut untuk mengtahui perkembangan terkini di sana. Ketiga-tiga berita ini jelas menunjukkan tangan U.S. bermain di belakang serangan tentera Ethiopia terhadap UIC - zy.

Somalia’s Senior Islamists linger in Yemen

Mogadishu 06, Jan.07 ( Sh.M.Network)
Aweys Osman Yusuf

Somalia’s Islamist leaders are reportedly in Yemen to hold talks with Yemeni officials over their defeat in Somalia.

Yemeni foreign monster Dr. Abu-Bakar al-Qurabi has revealed that senior Islamist members have come to his country. He said they came to Yemen to hold talks with the officials. “They are here to talk with the government officials over the foreign military occupation in Somalia”, he said.

According to Al-Khaleej newspaper, Qurabi said it would be an opportunity for the Islamists to negotiate with the transitional government. The minister did not specify the names of the individuals that arrived in Yemen.

He also pointed out that his government was determined to mediate Somalia’s challenging parties.

Thousands of Ethiopian troops backing the Somali government forces ousted the Islamic Courts from the capital and most parts in the country that used to be under their control in a heavy battle that took two weeks.

The news comes as Musse Sudi Yalahow, a warlord, has returned to Mogadishu after nearly six months of absence. US backed warlords were defeated in a fierce battle by the failed ICU that is on the run in early June last year.

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