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Malaysia negeri U.S. ke 51?

"Malaysia is the 51st US state. The Governer is Abd Allah Al-Bedawi". Begitulah komen seorang pembaca MalaysiaToday mengenai berita Irna "Malaysia failed to honor its commitment to Iran".

Manakala Anwar sebelum ini dilaporkan berkata tindakan Najib menamatkan penyertaan Iran kerana "telah tunduk kepada desakan dari Amerika Syarikat dan rakan-rakan sekutunya". Beliau dukacita dengan tindakan timbalan perdana menteri.

Malaysia failed to honor its commitment to Iran

Tehran (IRNA) - Iran criticized Malaysia for failure to honor the commitment it had taken by the invitation it extended to Iran.

Official in charge of Iranian pavilion in Kuala Lumpur Defence Services Asia Exhibit said that Iran had taken part in Malaysian defense exhibit as per an invitation to that effect.

Faramarz Abdoust said that the Islamic Republic of Iran was officially invited to the fair by the country's defense officials.

Iran received guarantee for participation in the exhibition in August 2007, he said adding that Iran provided the Malaysian exhibit with a list of the goods and equipment that were to be on display at the Iranian pavilion one month ahead.

The Malaysian officials promised that the Iranian pavilion would face no problem during the exhibition period, Abdoust added, in reference to the US matter of habit well known to Iranians.

He added that the Kuala Lumpur failure to extend services to Iran's pavilion was "fully political under the US pressure".

Iran has protested to Malaysian government over its failure to honor its commitments in this respect, the Iranian official said.

Such moves and pressures will not create any obstacle in the way of development and progress of Iran's defense industry and exports, Abdoust reiterated.

The Iranian pavilion at the Defence Services Asia exhibition was closed on the second day of the four-day trade show which ended Thursday.

According to Kuala Lumpur-based New Straits Times, US embassy officials had approached organisers and the Malaysian defence and foreign ministries to voice their concern and threatened to pull out of the show if action was not taken.

The US was one of the largest exhibitors with 26 American companies taking part.

Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak said, "We received some complaints but we took this action not on the basis of the complaints but because of our position."

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