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Pak Lah dgn Hadhari, Ku Li pula dgn kejahilan

Pandangan yang membawa padah.

Ku Li: PAS rule means living under syariah law - The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 — Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah reminded Malaysians that if PAS comes to power it would insist on the country becoming an Islamic state even though it is now part of the Opposition alliance that has control of five states.

The Umno division chief of Gua Musang, Kelantan was quoted in a recent wide-ranging interview with the Sin Chiew daily, a popular mass circulation Chinese language newspaper.

“If PAS were in power, their ideal would be to replace the Constitution with the Al-Quran, and to rule according to syariah law. They might even remove the rulers. There would be no rulers as we know them under syariah law, only a single spiritual head,” said the Kelantan prince also widely known as Ku Li.

He said Umno's ideology is very different from that of PAS and that is the reason it is constantly attacked by PAS. However, Umno will never turn the country into an Islamic state. “Under the Constitution, Islam is the official religion of the federation while non-Muslims can profess and practise their own faith freely.”

He pointed out that recently there were some people who had raised the issue of an Islamic state again. These people, Ku Li said, felt that some Umno leaders' stand about the Islamic state issue was not clear.

“Actually Umno has never thought of implementing the Islamic state because we adhere to the Federal Constitution. Nothing in the Umno constitution says that we will ever intend to change this country into an Islamic state.

“If we had wanted to, we would have done it when we were negotiating for Independence, or when we negotiated for the Federation of Malaya agreement in 1948. There was no MCA, MIC at that point. It was just Umno who negotiated with the British together with the rulers in 1948, when they decided not to proceed with the concept of Malayan Union. They don't have to wait till now.

“We have syariah law, but it is only used to govern the Muslims in personal matters. We are not going to encroach on the personal lives of others. Non-Muslims have the right to freedom of religion that is protected by the Constitution.”

On the current state of the party, Ku Li felt that today's Umno members and the leadership are not willing to make sacrifices. “They just want to please their leaders to retain the benefits they now enjoy. If Umno does not make a move to change soon, it will lose everything it has.”

He pointed out, “Yes, it's good to obey the leaders. But you have to make sure that the leaders are doing the right thing. It is incumbent on us to correct the leaders if we suspect that they are doing something wrong, which is harmful or disastrous for our community, for our country.”

He said there is no struggle without sacrifice. If not for the fact that Datuk Onn (Jaafar) and his team had been willing to undergo personal sacrifice to move ahead to form Umno and demolish the Malayan Union, there would not be a Malaysia today.

“We are the beneficiaries of their struggle. If we don't continue with this kind of spirit, what we have today will be gone. Our future generation, our children, our grandchildren will not benefit from the rights that we enjoy today. This is my message to Umno.”

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