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Najib tidak berganjak mahu teruskan PLKN

Najib tidak berganjak untuk meneruskan PLKN, manakala keluarga mangsa kematian terbaru mahu menyaman Jabatan Latihan Khidmat Negara. Mereka tidak percaya kematian anak mereka, Too Hui Min bukan hanya kerana sembelit, "mana boleh mati dengan tiba-tiba", kata mereka.

Terlampau banyak kejadian tak dingini berlaku.

NS death - teenager’s family suing dept for negligence

KLANG, May 11 (theStarOnline) - The family of Too Hui Min, the national service (NS) trainee who died after complaining of constipation, is suing the NS Training Department for negligence.

“We believe it was more than constipation and we want justice for our daughter,” said Hui Min’s mother Chin Kwee Choo, 52.

“How can a healthy girl die all of a sudden like this?” she asked.

Hui Min, from Geo Kosmo NS Training Camp in Kuala Kubu Baru, died at Slim River Hospital on Wednesday at 10.45pm after complaining of constipation.

The distraught mother said that despite passing with flying colours in her SPM examination last year, Hui Min did not have big dreams. The 7As scorer only wished to be a tour guide.

“She has never been anywhere else except her own country,'' said Chin.

“It was her dream to travel overseas and experience the world by herself. Now, it will remain just a dream.”

Chin said she and her husband Jong Sing were not satisfied with the explanation that their daughter died of toxic megacolon.

“We want to know what happened,” she said during a press conference organised by Pandamaran state assemblyman Ronnie Liu here yesterday. Chin and her husband had sought help from Liu, who had arranged a lawyer for them.

The Selangor exco member joined other DAP voices in demanding that the NS programme be scrapped in view of the number of fatal cases, most of them involving girls.

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