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Saya tahu kerja saya - Pengerusi SPR Abdul Rashid

ah hah!

'I know my job' - Election Commission chief tells critics to get facts right
Sarban Singh

An upset Tan Sri Abdul Rashid speaks out.

PUTRAJAYA, March 11 - Get your facts right before telling me how to do my job.

This is Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman’s response to detractors critical of his role and that of the EC in the electoral process.

He was upset that some pressure groups, researchers and political parties did not understand the EC’s hands were tied in some matters.

Rashid, who had overseen the running of six of the country’s 11 general elections, said the EC was merely the implementing agency in elections.

“Has anyone tried talking to the government? If they want changes and if these were to enhance the process of democracy, I am sure all parties concerned will be able to sit down and discuss them,” he said.

Groups such as Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections and the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) have often asked the EC to do away with red-tape.

Citing an example, he said voters in New Zealand had in 1993 approved a referendum to change its electoral system to a proportional representation system.

He said poor enforcement of some laws was also preventing the EC from tightening election loopholes. more on NSTOnline

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