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Isu BPR - Ramli saman Zulkipli dan lima yang lain

Sementara Pak Lah berkata dua (Zulkipli dan Johari Baharum) orang yang dituduh rasuah tidak perlu meletak jawatan sebelum didapati bersalah, bekas ketua BPR Sabah Mohd Ramli Manan pula mendakwa pencen beliau ditahan walaupun tuduhan terhadap beliau tidak diadili.

Ex-Sabah ACA chief Ramli sues six for defamation

KUALA LUMPUR (March 7, 2007) - The man who accused his former boss, Anti-Corruption Agency director-general Datuk Zulkipli Mat Noor, of graft and sexual misconduct today slapped him with a libel suit.

Former Sabah ACA head Mohd Ramli Manan is also suing five other parties pertaining to letters sent to him by the ACA and other government departments before his retirement.

He claimed the letters defamed him and that as a result of these actions, his pension was not approved.

The other defendants named were the Pensions Division director, Public Services Commission (PSC) chairman and secretary, the government and Star Publications (M) Bhd.

Munjeet Singh & Co of Seremban represents Ramli, but its representatives were not present in the civil court in Wisma Denmark when Ramli filed his case.

Ramli said when he retired at age 56, his pensions, gratuity and other benefits were not approved based on a letter dated last Nov 27 which alleged he was found guilty by the Management Level Disciplinary Board chairman.

He said the failure of the Pensions director to approve his pension and other benefits was an oppression as no criminal proceedings or disciplinary action was taken against him during his service and until his retirement.

He added despite a letter being sent to the defendant seeking the release of the payments, there was no reply. Ramli said the "punishment" meted out by the Pensions director, without him haivng an opportunity to defend himself, had caused him to be shunned by colleagues and other officers.

He said before he retired, he experienced a series of oppressive actions, including the issuance of a show-cause letter by the PSC secretary, based on Zulkipli's advice.

Ramli said he was subsequently transferred to a non-existent position when he was moved from his post as the Sabah ACA director to ACA headquarters. He claimed the transfer was a demotion and it was done hastily and recklessly.

Ramli claimed he was put in "cold storage" without just cause or reason.

Specifically, Ramli referred to four letters - dated Sept 7, 2000, Dec 12, 2001, Feb 18, 2004, and last Nov 27 - that were sent to him by the ACA as libellous as they insinuated he would be sacked or demoted for committing a crime or serious disciplinary wrongdoing.

His action against the Pensions director was for libellous statements which he claimed resulted in the non-approval of payment of his pension and benefits.

Ramli claimed a letter dated Jan 9, 2007, from the PSC secretary and chairman was libellous and should not have been made public as he was retired by then.

Ramli sued Star Publications over the "hastily and carelessly published articles" in the newspaper on March 2, 2007, which he said contained false wordings that he had been investigated at department level and would not be paid his pension after being found guilty.

Among others, Ramli sought the following:

  • an order to direct the Pensions director to approve his pension, gratuity and other benefits payments, inclusive of interest at the rate of 8% per annum from Dec 8, 2006 (retirement date), until the date of actual payment;
  • refund of his salary and bonus payout, totaling RM8,977, which was forfeited, with interests, from July 1, 2003 until the date of actual payment; and
  • compensation over the RM133,400 loss suffered, together with interests, as a result of him losing a promotion.

Ramli told reporters in the Wisma Denmark carpark he was frustrated and angry over how he had been treated before his retirement and he hoped to get justice from the court.

He said he had nothing to fear over his move to "expose" the alleged wrongdoings of the ACA chief which are now the subject of an investigation.

He claimed his telephone had been "bugged since 2003".

Asked who had bugged his handphone, Ramli replied, "the ACA, they have the gadgets to do so".

"My attempt to meet the D-G was refused and neither did he seek to speak to me over the complaints," he said, adding he also complained to the deputy director-general but no action was taken.

Asked if his life had been threatened in any way after his allegations were highlighted, Ramli said there was no such threats. sun2surf

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