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Perutusan Dokka Umarov, Presiden CRI Mujahidin Chechnya

Dokka Umarov has issued the message to the Muslims of Caucasus and Russia

President CRI, Amir of the Caucasian mojaheds Dokka Umarov has issued the message to battling Muslims of Caucasus and oppressed Muslims of Russia. Edition KC publishes the full text of the message which was delivered to Chechen mass-media.

March 5 - The message to battling Muslims of Caucasus and oppressed Muslims of Russia

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate!

All praise belongs to Allah, Who having created us Muslims and favored us with Jihad, gave us an opportunity to conquer the Paradise. Let Peace and Welfare be with the Leader of all Mujahideen Muhammad the Prophet, with his family and his Companions, and with all those who followed his path right up to the Doomsday. And then...

This brief message is a reminder to Muslims about position of their battling brothers on Caucasus, an explanation for oppressed Muslims of Russia and the order for those who subordinates the soul to Shariah of Allah.

Successively Muslims of Ichkeria and Caucasus spend the eighth year in Jihad. Sincere believers get stronger in belief, hypocrites and traitors become stronger in disbelief, fear and hatred to Islam.

Situation is extremely clear and obvious. All masks for a long time are dumped, all persons are known. Traitors openly say about the treachery and are proud of it, spreading among people nasty thing and debauch.

Sincere Muslims go out for Jihad and search for the Mercy of Allah, openly battling with invaders and traitors.

Everyone receives that has deserved: mojaheds - freedom and Favor of Allah, hypocrites - humiliation in this life and severe punishment in the Hereafter.

The heavy losses were suffered by us in 2006, two our greatest leaders (Sheikh Abdul-Halim and Abdallah Shamil Abu Idris) became Shahids (Insha'Allah, are apprehended by mojaheds, as well as it is necessary to believing Muslims with patience and hope on decision of Allah, and He knows better.

Leaders of Muslims, as well as ordinary mojaheds, battle and perish, kill enemies and happen are killed. But our victims are in Paradise, and their victims are in the Hell, Insha'Allah!

On their place others come, stronger, impudent, proof. Wisdom of our Lord is those. AlhamduliLlah, we are happy with Allah, and He is Best of all patrons.

False propagation kafirs and hypocrites, broadcasting about the finish of war and successes of invaders, cannot change a real state of affairs. To hide the truth any time is possible, but the lie is powerless before sincerity and validity.

In view of our losses among the administrative board, we have reorganized some our military structures. Plans are corrected, tactics is changed, communications and coordination among separate divisions of mojaheds, directions and sectors are strengthened. The last autumn and winter send away on a greater spadework. Work on reorganization of activity abroad comes to an end. read more..

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