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23 Februari - Perutusan Presiden Chechen CRI

23 of February - The Day of Rebirth of the Chechen Nation

Dokka Umarov: “We shall not tire, and our patience will not run low”
KC 23 February 2007, 18:41

In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

All praise belongs to Allah, Who having created us Muslims and favored us with Jihad, gave us an opportunity to conquer the Paradise. Let Peace and Welfare be with the Leader of all Mujahideen Muhammad the Prophet, with his family and his Companions, and with all those who followed his path right up to the Doomsday. And then...

Dear brothers and sisters!

On February, 23rd, 1994, President Dzhohar Dudaev by the special decree has declared this day as the Day of Rebirth of the Chechen Nation. That we have let know, that the Chechen people which has restored its own state, never will kneel and to not obey to the enemy, who during hundreds years is trying to break our will and our right to the way of life, religion and freedom.

The Chechen people meet next, 63 anniversary of a monstrous crime of Russia in the next battle. The enemy is the same, and still aspires to the purpose.

Chechen people as more than once happened in its history, has heavy time. Invaders use the most refined and artful methods of war, leaning on a piteous group of the turncoats and apostates. The genocide has accepted total forms. Physical destruction of people by means of the advanced kinds of arms, including the weapon of mass destruction (WMD), is accompanied by psychological destruction.

Dirty orders and laws, moral decay and nasty things are spread. The violence and aggression are directed not only against our state, but also on consciousness of people which enemy wish to transform in bustards, the hammered mass, not knowing neither honor, nor advantage. For this reason our religion Islam is exposed to attack first of all.

The enemy knows, what exactly Islam is our protection, a support, the ally and that source, whence people derives the strength.

The aggressor perfectly understands, what exactly the Islam is a basis of our way of life, our culture, our freedom which can be changed, only having perverted and having destroyed religion.

Therefore the enemy wages artful psychological war against Muslims, using apostates, traitors, cowards and turncoats. But, by the Mercy of Allah, such nonentities are minority among us.

Jihad continues. The lie and propagation of the enemy will not change a situation. We shall not tire, and our patience will not run low. The number of mojaheds grows.

Allah says in the Holy Qur'an: "O you who believe! Persevere and be patient, hold fast and strengthen each other, and be Godfearing, so that you may prosper". (3:200)

I address to Chechen people, to fellow citizens, to all Muslims of Caucasus, to our brothers and sisters, suffering under occupation and oppression of Russia, to battling mojaheds, the best persons among us.

Be patient for the victory comes to patient. Really, Allah Almighty and Glorious, is with us in our Jihad. Do not despond and do not cease to struggle. And when it becomes especially difficult, remember those who has no an opportunity to battle and only waits for the destination, and this is a great humiliation.

So occurs to us today, occurs by the Permission of Supreme Allah, because all this was prescribed by Him. We hope for the best.

And if others do not hasten to help, remember, that only Allah can grant a victory. And if others turn away, remember, that Allah does not turn away from the sincere believing slaves.

If struggle, struggle for the sake of Allah and Almighty Lord will strengthen numbers of the battling and will give a victory. Be not afraid of anybody except Allah and then others will be afraid you.

Know, that the victory is granted not to those who surpasses the opponent numerically or by modern military technique, but to those, who possesses God-fearing and is righteous and does not perform dirty deeds, prohibited by Allah.

So fight for the sake of Allah, be God-fearing, perform good deeds, be just, executing laws of Allah and abstaining that He has forbidden and then our Lord grants a victory, Insha'Allah!

President of CRI, Amir of SDC - Majlisul Shura CRI Dokka Umarov

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