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Mujahidin Chechnya bertindak selepas perlantikan Kadyrov

Chechen Mujahideen Carry Out Series Of Ambushes Following Kadyrov Appointment

JUS Qoqaz, Feb 22, 2007 - Chechen Mujahideen have engaged in a series of operations and ambushes in recent days, in no small part due to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s appointment of the brutal killer Ramzan Kadyrov as his presidential overlord in Chechnya that has been met with outrage among the locals.

The Chechen jihad is once again gaining momentum following a lull in operations after a several commanders were martyred in rapid succession. This clearly shows that the jihad there is not dependant on one individual but rather firmly rooted in the Chechens quest for liberation.

The current rise in operations is in no small part related to Russia’s criminal president Vladamir Putin’s decision to appoint tough guy Ramzan Kadyrov, a former rebel fighter accused of widespread human rights abuses to the position of President of the Chechen republic. Kadyrov, 30, who controls a militia of thousands, owns a pet tiger and is said to have tortured one opponent with a blow torch, was promoted by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, just a week ago today. Kadyrov has transformed Grozny into a shrine to himself with his portrait gazing down from billboards on street corners and his appointment as acting president has provoked outrage among Chechens who accuse his armed units of beatings, kidnappings and murder.

"This shows you Putin’s contempt for the Chechens," said Usam Baysaev, an analyst with the human rights group Memorial speaking to Reuters. "A man with people around him that only know how to kill and torture has been handed the reins of power."

This fact is surely not lost on Chechnya’s Mujahideen who in the past few days have carried out several operations and ambushes throughout the war-torn land that tallied more casualties for the Russian invaders according to reports from Qoqaz.

In Ros Martan, the Basayev unit of the Chechen Mujahideen destroyed a Russian troop transporter killing all eight Russian soldiers who were on board.

The Yasir unit destroyed a military truck loaded with ammunitions in the Santroy region however no further details were available.

In Vendeno, Chechen Mujahideen belonging to the Abdullah unit fired a series of rockets targeting a Russian military base located there. The attack ignited a fire inside the base however there was no way to ascertain accurate enemy casualties.

Meanwhile a Russian military jeep was ambushed while traveling between Shali and Waqdarmeez and all on board, including a Russian official and two of his soldiers were killed. The operation was carried out the Hussein unit according to the Qoqaz report.

The military command also pointed out that there are now a variety of small operations being carried out by the Chechen nationals that are taking down dozens of Russian occupation soldiers that is also helping to fuel the resistance.

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