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Chechnya, 16 tentera pecoroboh dan tali barut dibunuh

16 kafirs, munafiqs eliminated in Ishhoy - Yurt firefight

Kavkaz, February 14 - As the source inside the staff of Gudermes direction of CRI's Eastern Front reports, on February, 13th, in the Gudermes district, near to Ishhoy-Yurt village the fierce firefight with formations of kafirs and munafiqs has took place.

According to the representative of the Chechen command the mobile squad of 8 Mujahideen on the night of February 13, entered the village Ishhoy-Yurt to carry out an operative tasks. After the performing their tasks the squads left the village. During this moment the reconnaissance team of Mujahideen has revealed secretive movement of kafirs and munafiqs who apparently tried to suit an ambush to Mujahideen.

Chechen fighters immediately entered into fight, having attacked the enemy. In the first minutes of a gunbattle an army jeep UAZ with munafiqs has been destroyed.

Taking defense outside the village, Mujahideen battled with kafirs and munafiqs who storming Mujahideen's positions with armored vehicles for more than 8 hours.

The representative of the Chechen command has reported that during the firefight 4 Mujahideen were became Shaheeds (insha Allah). The remained part of a mobile squad by battling with enemy manages to leave the Ishhoy-Yurta area.

As representatives of the Chechen command have reported, during the fierce firefight 7 kafirs and munafiqs were eliminated and at least 9 enemy soldiers were wounded. However from invaders and puppets probably it is more than victims. The information on greater losses of invaders and collaborators was also confirmed by the local residents to whom the KC's source refers. We shall remind that the occupation sources have reported about the gunbattle in Ishhoy-Yurta district. Thus according to their claims, a dugout had been founded and during the fight 2 munafiqs had been killed and 2 more wounded. Kavkaz Center News

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