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Mahathir pun half-past six?

Mata pelajaran matematik & sains dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Bekas ketua pengarah pelajaran, Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arshad menganjurkan pelajaran matematik dan sains diajar dalam bahasa Inggeris hanya di sekolah menengah, tidak sesuai bermula dari sekolah rendah. Mata pelajaran ini telah ditukar kebahasa Inggeris bermula dari sekolah rendah semasa pemerintahan Mahathir.

Beliau berkata lebih mudah mengajar mata pelajaran tersebut dalam bahasa Inggeris di sekolah menengah kerana pelajarnya lebih matang, disamping guru berkelayakan untuk mengajar di sekolah rendah tidak mencukupi.

Satu lagi projek half-past six kerajaan BN?

Mathematics and Science in English from Secondary Level, Says Rahman Arshad

BANGI, Feb 13 (Bernama) - The teaching of Mathematics and Science in English should start in secondary school as students are more mature and ready to learn the subjects in the language, said former director-general of education Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Arshad.

He said it would be easier to teach the subjects at the secondary level rather than primary as practised currently.

"We can then produce students who are proficient in English faster. After we have a lot of students who have mastered English, then we begin teaching the subjects in English in primary school," he told reporters after delivering a keynote address at the third National Education Issues Seminar, here Tuesday.

He said the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English could not be done effectively due to the lack of teachers proficient in the language.

"When we have a lot of teachers who have good command of English, then they can teach the subjects in English in the primary and secondary schools. We are facing a shortage of such teachers," he added.

Abdul Rahman also suggested that the primary school duration be shortened from six years to five and making pre-school a compulsory two-year programme.

"We should enrol four-year-olds for pre-school by having an effective plan for them," he said.

Describing the six-year duration for primary schooling as an agonising period for pupils in the rural areas due to the lack of facilities, he said shortening the duration could help nurture racial harmony as the students would enter secondary school at a younger age.

"We have all the races in the secondary schools. So they integrate and this helps build racial unity," he said.

He also asked the government to review the "automatic promotion" system as illiterate students could also go to the next level.

"We do not want any dropouts. While some students drop out because of their physical disability, we should also be thinking about those cast aside because they cannot read and cope with the lessons in class," he said.

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