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Tekanan ke atas SPR akan diteruskan - Presiden Pas

Electoral reforms: Pressure to continue, says president

KOTA BHARU, June 2 - Pressure against Election Commission (EC) will continue despite the body's announcement to introduce the use of indelible ink to prevent multiple voting, Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said.

Abdul Hadi who welcomed the announcement and "agreed to it in principle" however noted that there were other demands made by the coalition of political parties, trade unions and non-governmental organisations calling themselves as BERSIH that has yet to be entertained by EC.

He noted that the other short term demands were for the electoral rolls to be revamped and for the use of postal votes to be abolished.

"We won't stop (to press for electoral reforms)," he said in a press conference at the sidelines of the 53rd PAS annual general assembly, here today.

He also noted that details on the use of the indelible ink such as the type of ink and how it is going to be used has yet to be made known.

Asked on a concern that the EC which has ruled out the suggestion earlier might crumble to political pressure from the ruling party from introducing the measure, Abdul Hadi declined to speculate.

"That's why I'm only responding to it in principle," he said.

Apart from the short term demands, BERSIH has also demanded for the first-past-the-post system currently in use to be replaced with the proportionate representation system.

The opposition won about 40 per cent votes in the last general election but secured less than 10 percent seats in parliament in a general election marred with irregularities. PAS has brought the case to court and the outcome has yet to be determined.

Asked on the next move to be made to ensure that the other demands would be met, Abdul Hadi said the action to be taken would depend on EC's next move.

He said a delegation would be sent to EC soon to discuss the matter.

"We'll see what the EC will do next," he said. Harakah

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