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Kes Raimah Bibi - Karpal mahu Ivy Josiah minta maaf

JAIS dituduh menahan Raimah dan anak-anak dari bekas sumainya sebagai tidak sah. Apakah tindakan JAIS tersasar? Apakah tindakan ini membuatkan Raimah Bibi menyerah anak-anaknya? Lihat juga komentar kes ini di laman DPPWP.

Karpal wants Ivy Josiah to apologise to all

Giam Say Khoon

PETALING JAYA (sun2surf reported on May 4) - DAP chairman Karpal Singh is disappointed with Women's Aid Organisation executive director Ivy Josiah's statement on the custody of P. Marimuthu's children.

Karpal said Ivy's statement consisted of unwarranted and sinister insinuation over the case which was represented by him for Marimuthu.

Yesterday, Ivy said she hoped the settlement had not been brought about under duress.

She said at a human level, a woman should have the right to be with her husband of choice and a mother to her children at all times.

Karpal, in a statement today, said there was no question of the settlement having been brought about under duress.

"The terms of the settlement were reached yesterday in the morning between myself and Selangor legal advisSr, Datuk Zauyeh Be T. Loth Khan, on behalf of the Selangor Islamic Department (JAIS).

"It was then recorded by judge Datuk Su Geok Yiam, in Open Court with Raimah Bibi (the children's mother) confirming the arrangement in open court," he said.

Karpal said Raimah had affirmed an affidavit on May 2 stating she had no objections to allow Marimuthu to have custody of the children and raise them as Hindus.

"I am calling upon Ivy to withdraw her statement and apologise to the judge, the Selangor legal adviser, myself, Marimuthu and Raimah.

"The retraction and apology is warranted in public interest to remove any doubts which have been created by her statement," he said, adding that Ivy should not make statements without basis.

On April 19, Marimuthu filed a habeas corpus application claiming that his family members were Hindus and that JAIS had no authority to detain Raimah and the children.

He alleged that Raimah and six of their children were being held unlawfully by the department on April 2.

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