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Pekerja dari India mati dera kerja

Sistem yang rosak boleh menghasilkan kezaliman, tanpa mengenal rupa dan pegangan. Berita ini mendapat tempat seluruh dunia.

Worker 'dies of abuse' in Malaysia

April 28 - A Malaysian newspaper reports than an Indian worker has died after being beaten and starved for eight months in one of the worst cases of migrant worker abuse in years.

R Ganesh was so badly treated that his employers eventually left him for dead in a jungle about 400km from the Malaysian capital, the New Straits Times said on Saturday.

Picture - Ganesh died in hospital a day after he was found left in the jungle, the New Straits Times said [Reuters]

Villagers who discovered Ganesh, a worker from India's southern state of Tamil Nadu, the next day were shocked by the sight of his bruised and emaciated frame, and took him to hospital.

Doctors said he was suffering from malnutrition and dehydration as a result of starvation.

Speaking from his hospital bed on Thursday, a day before he died, Ganesh, 28, said his employers had forced him to work from 8am to midnight every day since he began work last August.

'Deprived of food'

He said: "They hit me with sticks, rubber hose and iron rod. I was also deprived of food and water. They chained my hands and legs before locking me up in a dark room in their house every night."

He was also warned not to try to escape or go to the police.

Police have arrested the employers, a middle-aged couple and their son, who run a business making chilli sauce, and are investigating the case as a murder, the paper said.

Human rights groups have urged Malaysia to tighten labour and immigration laws that expose migrant workers to the risk of abuse and exploitation by employers and recruiters.

With Malaysians reluctant to take up menial jobs, the country is one of Asia's largest importers of foreign labour, which makes up a quarter of a workforce of about 10.5 million, particularly on plantations, in construction and in domestic service. Agencies


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