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Tolak pemimpin guna bahasa kasar - Rais

Cadangan Rais Yatim ini boleh disokong! Tentu ramai bersetuju.. rakyat perlu menolak pemimpin yang suka menggunakan bahasa kasar termasuk semasa perbahasan di parlimen.. pemimpin yang suka memotong ucapan ahli-ahli lain dengan menggunakan bahasa kasar umpamanya bodoh, bahlol, kalau tak suka boleh keluar Malaysia dan bermacam-macam lagi.. lengang parlimen dari ahli BN kali nii!

Reject Abusive Leaders, Says Rais

KUALA KLAWANG, April 23 (Bernama) -- The people should reject individuals who use abusive or coarse language as leaders, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said.

"Those who resort to such unbecoming behaviour ought to be ashamed of themselves as it portrays their personality.

"We do not need to resort to using course language when arguing on issues, as we've been brought up by our elders to always display good manners.

"Look at our neighbours, the Thais, who still show respect for one another even if they have differences of opinion," he added when closing a national Scouts work camp at the Jeram Toi recreational park, near here, today.

Rais was referring to the mocking and heckling that erupted into a fracas involving rival supporters before nominations for the Ijok state seat by-election last Thursday.

"Of course there are no laws to force people to be civil towards each other but some of those aspiring leaders are already showing bad manners and disrespect towards others. They should be rejected," he said.

Rais said Malaysians were not known to be disrespectful or ill-mannered, and the message for everybody to be courteous did not only come from his ministry but also from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

"We should return to the polite ways of our elders whether we are Malays, Chinese or Indians, although it may not be easy as people's attitudes change through time," he added.


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