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Rakyat Palestin tentukan masa depan mereka - Haneyya

Haneyya: Palestinian People Will Decide Their Future

From KudusYolu, April 16 - PA premier Ismael Haneyya has affirmed on Sunday that his government has two main missions namely: ending the security chaos in the Palestinian arena, and breaking the unjust economic siege on the Palestinian people.

He also affirmed that the Palestinian people and its factions have done all what they believed could help weaken the siege and break it by forming the PA unity government with a political program that represents the common ground of the various political programs of the Palestinian factions.

The premier was speaking in a reception held in Gaza city on Sunday to honor Palestinian winners in the Quran memorization competition that was held in the Moroccan capital Rabat recently.

“We have done our part and agreed on a united political program; yet, the question is: what will the international community do in rescinding the 15-month-old economic blockade on the Palestinian people?”, Haneyya underlined.

On March last year, the USA and Israel along with their regional and international allies imposed crushing economic sanctions on the Palestinian people for democratically electing Hamas to govern them.

Although Haneyya acknowledged that there was some sort of change in the position of a number of EU countries regarding the embargo; yet, he noted that the changes were moving very slow.

But he warned, “If the siege persisted from few months more, the Palestinian people will definitely decide the path they will move on as they would lose confidence in the PA institutions to administer their internal affairs”.

Talking on his government’s security plan that was unanimously endorsed on Saturday, Haneyya appeared determined to end the security mess in the Palestinian arena, but he highlighted the role of the various Palestinian factions in helping his government achieve the mission.

“The Palestinian people deserve peace and order in their community because they have a noble goal; the liberation of their country, and thus, they need all what could bolster their steadfastness in the battle against the occupation”, the PA premier furthermore asserted.

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