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Kekecohan di Ijok bodoh - Pak Lah


PM: Fracas was stupid

WINDHOEK (Namibia), theStar, April 22 - It was a stupid thing to happen, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of the fracas that occurred during nomination day for the Ijok by-election.

“Such a thing should not have happened. If you want to win the election, please do it in a way that will not create fights,” he told Malaysian reporters here.

In the incident, Barisan Nasional and Parti Keadilan Rakyat supporters hurled stones, sticks and bottles at each other, forcing police to intervene.

Abdullah, who completed his three-day official visit to Namibia yesterday, said provocation should not be used while campaigning.

“Such an approach will not guarantee victory in elections,” he said, adding that personal attacks should also have been avoided.

“I am saying this to both parties, meaning Barisan and PKR.”

Asked whether a violent trend was emerging since tussles and fights had also broken out at the Machap by-election, Abdullah said: “I hope it will not become a trend. And certainly, it is unhealthy.”

On a related matter, Abdullah jokingly said it was not necessary for him to tell people to prepare for a general election because everyone already seem to know when to start.

“Everybody seems to know after we have served three years. The moment we move into the fourth year, everybody is talking about elections,” he said.

Asked whether there were grounds for such expectation, he said people should not forget to focus on their work and ensure that projects to the people were implemented and completed.

“These are the important things. This is what the people want.”

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