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Najib gesa bekerja dgn kerajaan bentuk generasi mantap

Bekerja dengan kerajaan Islam Hadhari, untuk membentuk generasi islam baru yang mantap dalaman!

New Muslim Generation Needs Inner Strength, Says Najib

PEKAN, April 7 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak called on the Muslim community to work together with the government to mould a new generation of Muslims who would have the inner strength to ward off undesirable and destructive elements.

"Our new generation must have the inner strength to protect them from involvement in detestable activities which still plague the Muslim community in our country," the Deputy Prime Minister said at the closing of a seminar and thanksgiving for religious teachers in Pahang, here.

He said this was a major challenge to the government because there were still numerous social problems that were affecting the Muslim community in the country.

"Such problems can be seen from the endless cases of drug abuse by the Malays where I was recently told that the number of Malays who are addicted to drugs has now reached about 300,000 or 70 per cent of the total number of addicts.

"When we look at the other problems whether pertaining to rape, abandoning of infants or indecent behaviour, it is also regrettable because of the number of young Malays involved in such activities," he said.

As such, Najib said, the government hoped that there would be strong commitment from all strata of society to overcome such problems as it was difficult for the government to stop the people from using information technology or the internet in the globalisation era.

He said a strong understanding of Islam would help to build the Muslims' inner strength and achieve Islamic excellence.

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