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BN tunda umum calon Macap hormati "All Souls Day"

AF5 ditunda hormati maulidur rasul manakala MCA & BN pula tunda umun calon Macap hormati 'All Souls Day'! hmm..

Announcement Of BN Candidate Postponed To Respect "All Souls Day"

ALOR GAJAH, April 2 (Bernama) -- The Barisan Nasional (BN) postponed to Monday the announcement of its candidate for the Machap state by-election as a mark of respect for "Cheng Beng" or "All Souls Day" observed by the Chinese community Sunday, MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said Monday.

He dismissed talk that the announcement was deferred by a day because of internal problems in the party over the choice of candidate.

"There is no internal problem. We decided much earlier to postpone it because it is easier for the party workers to observe "All Souls Day" and fulfil their duty of respect for ancestors," he said.

"So, that's why we delayed it for one day, just to avoid the inconvenience. Moreover, today is the eve of nomination, so I guess it is the best time," he told reporters after the announcement of Lai Meng Chong, MCA Alor Gajah Division vice-chairman and political secretary to the Human Resources Minister, as the BN candidate at the Machap Baru Chinese Primary School, here.

Nomination is tomorrow for the by-election and polling is on April 12. The seat became vacant following the death of BN assemblyman Datuk Wira Poh Ah Tiam, 55, on March 15.

The constituency has 9,623 voters, 45 per cent of them Chinese, 38 per cent Malay, 15 per cent Indian and two per cent other communities. There are also 108 postal voters.

On the by-election, Ong said the MCA would work hard to help the BN retain the seat.

"The MCA will hold fast to the BN principles. We will always safeguard the interests of the multiracial society," he said.

Ong said he expected the opposition parties to play on issues unrelated to the MCA or manipulate matters without basis.

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