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Pembersihan Aqidah Pemurnian Ibadah (PAPI) bersama Us TUAN MOHD SAPUAN TUAN ISMAIL.

Latihan PLKN untuk perempuan sahaja tak sesuai?

Ya Allah, selamatkanlah anak-anak kami!

All-girl camp ‘unrealistic’

RAUB, March 26 - The proposal of an all-female national service camp might not get everyone’s support as it would create an “unrealistic situation”, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said one of the aims of national service was to allow youths of both sexes to integrate to encourage better understanding and mutual respect.

However, Najib said the Government was waiting for a formal proposal on the matter from the National Service Training Council.

“We can only make a decision once we have studied it,” he told reporters here.

On the Machap by-election, Najib said he was confident that the Barisan Nasional candidate would do well.

“We won in three other by-elections and the last one at Batu Talam. We are confident we will win again in Machap,” he said.

On newspaper reports about the arrest of a Malaysian in the United States for alleged involvement in al-Qaeda-linked suicide bombing, Najib said he had yet to receive any information.

“I believe they will contact our Foreign Affairs Ministry soon and we will look into the matter once we know the full details,” he said. theStarOnline

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