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Belum buat keputusan asingkan latihan PLKN khas untuk perempuan sahaja - Najib

Keputusan sepatutnya cukup mudah. Tapi tidak di negara Islam Hadhari!

No Decision Yet On All-female NS Training Camps, Says Najib

RAUB, March 25 (Bernama) -- The Government has not decided whether to accept the proposal to have an all-female training camps for female National Service (NS) trainees, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

The Deputy Prime Minister said not all parties would agree to the proposal by the National Service Training Council.

"The proposal has not been conveyed to me officially. Wait until I receive it from the council before we make a decision.

"But I am aware not everybody will support the proposal as many people feel segregating the trainees will create an unrealistic environment," he told reporters after attending a meet-the-people session at Kampung Sega Tat.

"One of the qualities we should have in managing ourselves in the company of the opposite sex is mutual respect and understanding," said Najib, who is also Defence Minister.

He was commenting on the statement by National Service Training Council chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye that the council had proposed to the government to set up an all-female NS camps to prevent risks on female trainees.

Asked to comment on a report that a Malaysian held at the Guantanamo Bay Camp was an Al-Qaeda suicide bomber, Najib said he would seek further information on the matter from the Foreign Ministry.

A foreign news agency reported yesterday that the US military claimed Mohammed Farik Amin Zubair detained at the camp channelled RM190,000 to be used in the J W Marriot Jakarta Hotel bombing in 2003.

Asked whether the US had conveyed the information to Malaysia, Najib said: "If there is such information, the Foreign Ministry will handle it. I will check whether the US had informed our embassy."

Asked whether Malaysia would seek Mohammed Farik's extradition, he said: "I want to see the facts first."

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