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Yemen nafi jadi orang tengah antara UIC & Ethiopia

Yemen denies mediating between Ethiopian president and Islamist leader
Aweys Osman Yusuf

Mogadishu, February 4 (Sh.M.Network) - Yemeni government has denied it was engaged in brokering negotiations between Somalia’s top Islamist leader, Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed, in its country and the Ethiopian president Girma Wolde.

Abu Bakar al-Baqri, Yemeni foreign minister, has firmly refuted that his government was endeavoring to mediate between the Islamist executive council leader, Sheik Sharif, who is reportedly in Yemen now after he flew from Kenya where Kenyan authorities have released in early this week, and ethiopian presiden, Girma Wolde.

He said the negotiations should be open between Somalia’s political leaders and other influential elements in the society to achieve a unity government. “The Somali government and the Islamic Courts should talk and resolve their differences,” he said.

Sheik Sharif, who surrendered to Kenyan authority near two weeks ago, has reportedly reached Yemen and joined other senior Islamists already in Yemen.

Yesterday Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf has told the interim parliament that he would organize a national reconciliation conference in which, he said, all elements including religious leaders and Somalis in the diaspora would take part.

“Why are you bringing the Islamic courts to the issue of the reconciliation? Islamists have splintered and are no where to exist,” he said.

AU delegation

Meanwhile an African Union delegation has spent the night in Mogadishu.

The delegation arrived in Mogadishu on Saturday to evaluate the situation in Somalia and decide where in the country, the capital in particular, the Africa peacekeepers should be deployed.

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