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Surat dari Saudara Islam di Myanmar

A cry of iman from Myanmar
A letter to KC, February 25

Dear Brother in Islam, Salam Alaikum!

I am a Muslim youth belong to Rohingya community of Arakan State of Burma also known as Myanmar. My name is Kareem.

Rohingyas under serious genocidal threat in Burma since they are denied the right to citizenship in Burma in 1982.

There is no security in life and properties for us in Burma. We are facing the daily life of killings with cool blood by armies and Buddhism. Our females are used for sex as war weapons and our youth are banned the learning higher educations. Inter-marriage among us is even stopped and travellings have been totally banned inside the region. In consequence of economic crisis, the new born baby are killed by their own parents because of lack of foods and other neutrition plights.

Half of the our population have given up living Burma but they are also facing with inhumanities where they are taking a refuge. The world is ignore our plights even Muslim countries never showed a few interest in our issue.

We are unable to protect our self even our religion inside Burma and there will soon lost Islam in Arakan under extramist Junta and local Buddhism.

Please help us in any way and guide us what we should do for our future.

With many hopes, Kareem

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Assalmu aalikum Dear Brother Karim
    make dua for affia ( security). Remember this life is temporary and the next life is eternal.
    What ever hardships, Pain, loss we suffer in this world will come to and end. What ever punishments the non belivers suffer in the hereafter will be for ever. Have Sabr( patience) and do shukoor(praise Allah)
    May Allah make it easy for you.

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