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Deklarasi Mekah - Fatah & Hamas bersetuju kerajaan bersama

Fatah and Hamas agree on unity

Gulf News, February 10 - More than a year after Hamas came to power in Palestine, allegedly a deal has now been worked out in Makkah to form a national unity government.

The agreement was signed between Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, representing his Fatah faction, and exiled Hamas political chief Khalid Mesha'al.

It is assumed that both Fatah and Hamas have resolved their differences, but the question is whether those differences, over which many lost their lives or became permanently injured, have truly been settled. Or will they arise again at the least provocation, as has happened so many times before?

The accord, titled The Makkah Declaration, was signed in the presence of Saudi King Abdullah, who had invited both leaders to the holy city to resolve their differences and work towards harmony and peace between fellow Palestinians. It is therefore assumed that in signing the Declaration this, in some great measure, will form the first and important step along that path.

However, no reference was made to recognition of Israel by Hamas, so a full study of the Declaration and its implications will assuredly be taking place around the world.

In particular, the US will be seeking some move towards recognition of Israel, so that sanctions against Palestine can either be lifted or eased. Similarly, Western nations will be looking to The Makkah Declaration in the hope there is enough leeway to be able to increase their meagre aid that is being channelled to the Palestinians.

There has been so much suffering by Palestinians, in so many ways, due to the principled stance the Hamas government adopted, in accordance with its mandate, on coming to power. The initial euphoria on the announcement of the signing of the Declaration will hopefully last and enable the agreement to work, for the alternative is unacceptable. GulfNews

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