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Ceroboh al-Aqsa - Hizbullah kutuk Israel

Hezbollah condemns Israeli demolition works near Aqsa

KudusYolu, 09 February 2007 - Hezbollah dismissed in a statement what the Israeli occupation is doing at the "Moroccans Gate" as a blatant violation to the sanctity of Islamic holy places and an aggression on the sanctities of Arabs and Muslims, who regard Al-Quds city as their most symbolic region under occupation.

The statement added that keeping silence on what is being done to this holy place is dangerous and encourages the enemy to perpetrate further, wider and more dangerous violations.

Hezbollah also said that the ongoing offensive proves the concerns which we have been raising regarding Israeli plots against the Al-Aqsa mosque and the surrounding holy places.

It is therefore a reason to push Arab and Islamic governments to shoulder the responsibility of facing these plots.
The statement also called on the Islamic Umma to unite over the central cause and reject sedition and discord which only serve the usurpers of Al-Quds and their patrons in the US administration.

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