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Ketua Pejuang Pembebasan Islam Filipina dibunuh, syahid insyaAllah

Arroyo vows to crush separatists
18 January

The Philippine president has vowed to use a "hand of steel" to wipe out Islamic separatist groups.

"This government is determined to finish the job with a hand of steel against evil," Gloria Arroyo said on Thursday.

She said this after soldiers killed 10 Abu Sayyaf separatists in an hour-long gun battle on the southern island of Jolo.

"The relentless pressure we have applied in the field is taking its toll and we will keep it up until all terrorists and their clandestine cells are accounted for," Arroyo said.

The statement comes a day after the military said it killed Abu Sulaiman, one of Abu Sayyaf’s top five leaders.

Abu Sulaiman was fatally shot when army special forces raided his camp on the southern island of Jolo, the head of the military said.

"We have resolved that this group and their major commanders must be finished off, that this notorious group should see its end,'' Chief General Hermogenes Esperon told a news conference.

He then triumphantly crossed out Sulaiman's face on a US poster of most-wanted terror suspects. alJazeeraa, Agencies and KudusYolu.

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