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Berita : Ribut lepas 3 kanak-kanak mati ditembak di Gaza

Mourners storm Gaza parliament

Mourners firing automatic weapons have stormed into the compound of parliament during a funeral procession for three boys killed earlier by unidentified attackers.

The children, sons of a Palestinian intelligence official loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, the president, were shot dead in a car outside their school in Gaza on Monday.

Witnesses said the mourners fired at the Palestinian Legislative Council Headquarters building. It was unclear whether anyone was hurt.

About 2,000 people took part in the funeral march, including the boys' father, Colonel Baha Balousha, who was heavily guarded by armed men.

As children were going to school in the Ramal district of Gaza City, armed men fired on a car killing the sons of Colonel Balousha, a senior Palestinian intelligence officer and Fatah loyalist.

There were no claims of responsibility. The boys were aged between six and eight.

Relatives carried the boys, whose bodies were wrapped in sheets, in their arms.

The mourners marched through the streets of the city escorted by hundreds of pro-Fatah security officers.

A senior Palestinian intelligence official in the occupied West Bank condemned the latest attack.

He said it was unclear who was behind it.

Besides internal political unrest, Gaza is also riven with clan fighting and a surge in criminal violence since the imposition of a Western aid embargo on the Hamas government that has increased poverty.

An adult was also killed and four other people were wounded in Monday's drive-by shooting. more..

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