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Berita : Rakyat Mongolia demo bantah Malaysia

Mongolians demonstrate against Malaysia

Demand apology and compensation for murder of Mongolian beauty in KL.

Mongolians held a rally on Wednesday (Dec 6) in their capital’s National IT Park to protest against the murder of one of their citizens in Malaysia.

(Mongolian beauty, Altantuya Shaaribuu 28-year-old mother of two were abducted and murdered in Kuala Lumpur, and two policemen were last month charged for the murder.)

The Mongolian National Centre Against Violence organized the joint meeting with other human rights, women’s rights, and children’s rights organisations, reported UP Post.

“We Demand Justice” was the unanimous demand at the gathering, the independent weekly reported.

Another person, political heavyweight Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda, a close aide of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, had been charged for abetment.

But in a surprising decision, Abdul Razak was released on a M$1m court bond after he claimed trial to a charge of abetting in the murder of Miss Altantuya.

Press reports had said they had been having an affair and she had arrived in KL threatening to expose it to his wife.

Abdul Razak, 46-year-old political analyst, was allowed to go home after a High Court allowed his release under the bond (which was without security) due to his ‘poor health’.

Altantuya’s father, Dr Shaariibuu Setev, who attended the court proceedings, told reporters that he was not satisfied with the outcome, saying all that the lawyers spoke about was Razak, his reputation and who he was.

“I hope justice will be served,” he said, adding that he would not hesitate to bring the matter to the international arena if he found the trial was not fair.

Wednesday’s protest was the first public sign of anger about the case in Mongolia.

It began with the assembly standing for a minute in silence in the victim’s memory. A short documentary film about her life was then shown.

The alliance of human rights organisations and women’s non-profit organisations urged the Government of Malaysia: -

* To apologise to the people of Mongolia for the murder, and

* To pay for the support of the victim’s children until they reach majority, including their medical expenses.

“I hope that the Government of Malaysia apologises. We also demand a fair trial and that full justice is seen to be done,” said Altanzul, a sister of Altantuya.

The organizers said the KL government should apologise as police officers, who are part of the State’s legal enforcement machinery, were found to be involved

“The final hearing of the trial will be next week. The reputation of the Malaysian judicial system itself is on trial at the international level.

"The people of Mongolia, especially its national network of human rights organisation, are watching carefully how this case proceeds.

“We hope some human rights organisations in Malaysia would support us in this respect and put pressure on their government,” she said.

The Government of Mongolia has to protect its citizens abroad, and this does not mean merely sending formal letters, according to many of the speakers.

The gathering has sent two letters of demand, one to the President of Mongolia, its government, and parliament, and the other to the King of Malaysia, its government, and parliament.

UB Post - Demand for Malaysian Apology - Dec 11

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