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Berita : Zionist Israel dan Yahudi Russia

3 November 2006

Newly appointed illegal Zionist entity's "strategic affairs minister" Avigdor Lieberman suggested operating in Gaza "like Russia operates in Chechnya."

Lieberman, who heads the Zionist "Our Home" ("Yisrael Beiteinu") party, said he will ask his "prime minister" Ehud to order other ministers not to
leak information to the media of what Zionists are now doing in Palestine, according to Zionist news reports.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Chechnya were killed during more than decade under the leadership of the ruling Russia's party "Our Home" ("Nash Dom"). Meanwhile, it seems that the Zionists already copy the behavoir of their fellow-tribesmen in Russia.

In the latest spate of Zionist air raids on the northern Gaza Strip at least four Palestinians were martyred on Wednesday.

According to Palestinian sources during the missile attack by Zionist bombers on the region of Beit Hannoun in northern Gaza at least four Palestinians were martyred and 31 others wounded. Some of the wounded are in critical condition.

Earlier on Tuesday the Zionist incursion into Beit Hannoun and Khan Younes had resulted in the martyrdom of three Palestinians.

Palestinian sources announced that during "Israeli" attacks in the past three months on the different regions of the self-rule areas almost 300 Palestinians have been martyred, the IRIB reported.


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