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Berita : Monsoon Cup - antara sukan & rakyat

Lihat komen seorang pembaca (di bawah sekali) apabila berita ini disiarkan Raja Petra di websitenya MalaysiaToday. Cukup sekadar kami paparkan komen tersebut tanpa tambahan - zy.

Monsoon Cup - They want wet weather
Rosli Zakaria
New Straits Times, Nov 15.

KUALA TERENGGANU: Contrary to what usually happens before a sporting event, the organisers are not praying for fine weather. They hope the wet blustery conditions continue, to add spice to the Monsoon Cup.

Barring a few details, the stage is set for five exciting days of yacht racing from Nov 29.

Event manager T-Best Events is putting the finishing touches to the venue to welcome competitors and visitors, who will watch the race from the boardwalk and VIP tents.

Picture : Patrick Lim (left), of Monsoon Cup organizer T-Best Events, shows Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (second from left) a model of Pulau Duyong Island

Signs have been put up to guide visitors, not only on Pulau Duyong, but all along the main road from the entry points to the state — Kemaman in the south and Besut in the north.

"It’s not easy to get lost in Terengganu, but we want to be sure that everyone, especially those who are driving, know that they are heading in the right direction," said T-Best Event chairman Datuk Wan Hisham Wan Salleh.

Promotional activities have been stepped up to make this year’s event grander and more enjoyable than the last.

"As we go along, we identify and rectify the weaknesses. It’s not easy to please everyone, but we will do our best to make visitors happy. This year they can watch the races at close range, which will be more exciting," he said.

Wan Hisham says the pace will pick up on Pulau Duyong a week before race day, with the arrival of competitors and officials, television crews and reporters and photographers from the print media.

"A lot of work needs to be done before, during and after the race, and we need the full co-operation of everyone involved, including the villagers.

"So far preparations are on track. We are now looking into the fine details. There are bound to be hiccups, but with the use of information technology, problems will be solved more quickly.

Deputy chairman of the state Industrial Development and Tourism Committee, Datuk Nasir Ibrahim said that while the days will be taken up by the racing, there will be entertainment in the evenings.

Rodat, a traditional dance, and wayang kulit are among the performances by local artistes that have been lined up for the event.

Ang Chee Bai wrote:

The Monsoon Cup, yachting & a bunch of well oiled foreigners & their equally well oiled super rich Malaysians are totally irrelevant to the man in the street of Malaysia. Over the TV, they even have to teach us yokels the names of the various parts of a yacht & HOW TO WATCH A YACHT RACE! Come Nov. 29. nothing can spice up the race except an unexceptionally calm sea without a even breath of wind. That'll "learn" them something more useful than this silly, flippant bourgeois frivolity they called sport. Let's all pray for calm seas come Nov. 29. The Heavens have ears to hear the hungry cries of the poor children of Terengganu.
15/11 20:54:47

p/s - Patrick Lim, ring the bell?

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