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Pembersihan Aqidah Pemurnian Ibadah (PAPI) bersama Us TUAN MOHD SAPUAN TUAN ISMAIL.

Pak Lah penipu?

Tersenyum Pak Lah. Dia kata dia seorang muslim yang baik.

"..One day, I will die and according to Islam, Allah will judge me."

"Allah will evaluate me and question me if I have been just and fair. Have you done this or not? I cannot lie. Allah knows if I lie. As a Muslim, I cannot be enemies with others, I cannot hate any race, I cannot hate any group." Pak Lah, NST, Dec 02, 2007

Tapi orang kata Pak Lah pembohong.
It's hardly 24 Hour ... Wonder how much he lies in...
Who's lying now?
Cakap tak serupa bikin
kick out the liar
more - adopted from Husin Lempoyang

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