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Polis ragut beg tangan wanita?

Sebagaimana yang dilaporkan oleh mStarOnline

Desperation leads cop to snatch woman’s bag

IPOH, Sep 11 - The policeman, who was caught red-handed snatching a woman's handbag on Monday, was believed to have been driven to crime as he needed money to treat his ailing mother.

According to a police source, the 27-year-old constable, who joined the police force in 2003, was desperate for money as he also has a wife and four-month-old baby to feed.

During the 1pm incident, the constable had snatched the victim's handbag from her lap as she was sitting at the outdoor sitting area of her husband's café in Ipoh Garden South here.

He managed to run into an alley where his motorcycle was parked.

The café owner, who heard his wife's cries for help, chased after the constable who was trying to start up his motorcycle.

Upon hearing the commotion, several customers helped to catch the constable, whose identity was revealed when police arrived at the scene and checked his identification card.

It is believed that the constable, who was not in his uniform, was not working that day.

According to acting Ipoh OCPD Superintendent Lai Yong Heng, the constable was attached to the Manjoi police station.

The constable, he said, had been remanded for four days until Friday to facilitate investigations. mStarOnline

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