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10 Foreign Warships In Malaysia For 50th Merdeka Bash

PORT KLANG, Aug 30 (Bernama) - More than 7,000 navy personnel from France, United States, Japan and New Zealand are here to share in Malaysia's 50th Merdeka celebration on Friday.

Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) Chief Admiral Tan Sri Ramlan Mohamed Ali said they arrived in 10 warships, which berthed here since Tuesday for the occassion.

"Some came on their own initiative to witness our Merdeka celebration, which is a special one this year.

"Never in history has RMN received so many warships here for the Merdeka celebration," he told reporters after a function to fete the foreign navy personnel here Thursday.

The ships which will be here until Sept 3 include the supply ship FNS VAR and patrol frigate FNS NIVOSE from France and four from the United States comprising the USS Kitty Hawk and USS Cowpens carriers and two destroyers, USS Curtis Wilbur and USS Martin.

Three others are from Japan comprising training ships JDS Kashima and JDS Shimayuki and a destroyer, JDS Sawagiri, and another is from New Zealand, the HMNZS Te Kaha.

Malang jika benarkan tentera Amerika turut serta sambut kemerdekaan Malaysia - Harakah, 30 Ogos

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